Happy Accidents

I love happy accidents! I’m working on my graphic novel, printing out pages so that I can physically see them. Not just as images side by side on the computer, but as pages that I can actually turn. That way, I can better visualize the layout without trying to remind myself which images are on the left side of the book vs the right.

Well, I printed out one page that has a group of people in silhouette as they walk down a hallway. But the printer goofed on me and only printed outlines, leaving the figures white. And i like it. Instead of having black silhouettes, I’m going to have it appear as a reverse negative, with the hallway shaded and the figures in white. I just hope readers will appreciate my creative vision.

 I tried to take a picture to show how it printed out, but my phone refuses to focus on it. Weird.

7 thoughts on “Happy Accidents

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    • I seriously considered not approving this comment. I’m so done with the drama. But I’m secure enough in my work that this kind of thing doesn’t affect me.


  2. I just have to say WICKED.

    Here we go, scab MUST be bored or seriously desperate for more attention. Poor thing guess she really doesn’t have a life or her man must NOT be much of a man.

  3. Thankee, madam.

    Scabs are like that. After you pick ’em off, they grow back.
    Some life she must have, there, if all she has to do with her time is troll here.

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