Wearing thin

Accusing Johnny Depp of abusing her didn’t work.
(Painting fake?) bruises on her face didn’t work.
Retracting her request for 50 grand a month didn’t work.
Getting her friends to stick up for her didn’t work.

There’s just nothing Amber Heard can do to make Johnny Depp look like a monster.

So now the story is that Heard is so stress ed out that she can’t eat. People will HAVE to believe that Johnny’s a bad guy if she skips a few meals and starts wearing double zeroes instead of size 1. I mean, if she punishes herself. HE’S got to be the bad guy, right?


No matter how she spins it, she just can’t weave credibility into her web. It’s far too flimsy, and she’s just not going to snag Johnny in it. Nobody believes a word she says, and no matter how many pounds she loses, that’s not going to change. She just doesn’t come across as genuine. She tries too hard. No matter how hard she tries for sympathy, all she manages is to look like a petulant child who’s pissed off that she’s not getting her way.

I do feel sorry for Johnny, to a point. He should have seen this coming. The rest of us did. Still, no man deserves to be accused of abusing a woman if he didn’t. That’s a bitch move.

The person I continue to feel the worst for is iO Tillett Wright. A former friend of Johnny’s, who described him lovingly as a brother, Wright has been trapped in what I believe to be a network of fabricated abuse allegations, having her sympathies played like a violin by a greedy, treacherous gold digger.

We’ve seen it before. A kind-hearted, sympathetic friend manipulated into defending a calculated wretch whose story can’t hold water on its own. Then the friend is heartbroken upon finding out that s/he’s been manipulated, used and betrayed. S/he’s nothing more to the “friend” they defended than collateral damage, left at the curb like so much garbage.

First heard goes for the balls by accusing him of abuse, sports now-you-see-them, now-you-don’t “bruises” and jockeys for position any way she can think of to try to come out on top in her divorce from Depp. It’s not going to work. No matter what she says or does, he’s still going to be Johnny Depp, and she’s still going to be the scheming, gold-digging ex that tried to rake him through the mud.

She could still come back from this. She could drop the drama, stop accusing him of things he didn’t do, and simply sign the divorce. She’ll get her multi-millions, then she can move back in with her girlfriend and live in the lap of luxury. Case closed.

But I don’t see that happening. Despite appearances, a greedy drama queen is an ugly thing. Worst of all, it’s too stupid to know when to stop. The greediest liars don’t give up until they’re forced to. They think that one more lie, one more manipulation, one more sob story will pay off. They think that if they keep up the farce, it will miraculously become the truth. They’re so far gone down the road of lies and manipulation that there’s no turning back. Not until somebody shoots the air out of the tires.

What I think Heard fails to realize is that she’s trying to gain the sympathy of a broad public that will probably not earn in a year the kind of spousal support she wants for a month. She whines that she can’t live on “just” 10 thousand dollars a month? Yeah. Not feeling sorry for her. She claims that her request for support is being used to deflect attention away from the more important issue of domestic abuse.

No. It’s not. Her request for 50 thousand dollars a month (because a mere 10 grand just isn’t enough, whimper, whimper) is a thing because SHE asked for it. SHE made a mockery of herself by acting like a spoiled, pampered brat that has absolutely nothing in common with the masses she’s trying to win over with her sob stories. She can’t blame the media for that, or Johnny, or us. She did that all by herself. She needs to eat that.

As for those allegations of domestic abuse… again, no.

We’re not going to believe that Johnny abused her, because we’ve known him longer than she has. And by we, I’m including his ex wife, the mother of his children, his children, his friends… pretty much everybody but Heard.

She needs to just stop. She needs to grow up. And she needs to eat a cheeseburger. Nobody’s going to buy this wilting violet act any more than they bought the poor little battered wife act.

The time for so much stress that she couldn’t eat would have been during the (alleged) abuse. When (she says) it was going on. Not now, when her story doesn’t add up. She’s a day late and a dollar short for some desperate, last-ditch damsel-in-distress act. It doesn’t wash.

Amber, hon. Give it up. Take your millions and do us all a favor. Just go away.


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