Getting your beloved’s name tattooed on you is never a good idea. Johnny Depp should have learned that lesson after his split from Winona Ryder. Instead of Winona forever, that tat now reads “Wino.”

But, no. He had to go and tattoo his nickname for (soon to be ex wife) Amber Heard on his knuckles. SLIM.

Well, now, thanks to the beauty of divorce – one that everybody but Depp saw coming – he’s changed yet another set of inked words on his body. His knuckles now read SCUM.
But how do you really feel, Johnny?

He also got a clunky, awkward cover over a pinup tat that, I guess, was supposed to look like his ex.

I feel kinda bad for whoever he hooks up with next. That poor girl will have to be reminded of his history of failed relationships every time she looks at him. Sure, everybody’s got a past, but most people don’t wear it around like a shroud.

I like a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s kind of sweet to see a guy not shy away from declaring his love to the world. But tattooed all over his body? Kiss of death, dude. Kiss of death.

I hope his next love is the right one, the one that heals him.
I hope that if he’s drinking, he stops.
I hope that he can get his career back on track.
I hope he gets happier covers on his exes’ ink.
And, I’m sorry to say it, but I hope he does some sit-ups. Dude still looks bloated and generally unhealthy. Life’s too short as it is, without falling apart at his place on the path.
There’s a lot of time left. Too much to throw away carelessly.
I hope he learns to live it happy and well.


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