Amber Heard meets with ex-wife

The headlines read that Amber Heard met up with her ex girlfriend Tysa Van Ree for lunch. But that’s not quite accurate, is it?

Heard and Van Ree were married. Heard changed her last name to Van Ree, and didn’t change it back to Heard until she decided to romance Johnny Depp. That’s not just a girlfriend. That’s a wife. A spouse.

The news is also repeating that Heard’s continued friendship with Van Ree was a source of discomfort for Johnny. Again, we’re talking about more than friendship, aren’t we? Those two girls didn’t just hang out for dinner dates or evenings at the club, did they? No. They were married. That’s not just any friend that Johnny’s over-reacting to. That’s his wife’s ex spouse. That’s entirely different.

I’ve maintained from the start the opinion that Heard never really split from Van Ree. I’ve felt from the beginning that Heard’s relationship with Johnny was a fundraising enterprise, that she was building a handsome nest egg that she and Van Ree would live on after a muck-raking split from Depp.

More to the point, I think Heard orchestrated her entire relationship with Depp to get as much money out of him as possible for herself, and for her wife. I never believed for a second that her affections were genuine. Not only is that the vibe I got, but it’s also the story her body language told in just about every photo she ever took with Johnny. He was very much into her, draping an arm around her and leaning in toward her. She, on the other hand, leaned away from him or tipped her head away from him. Even when she tried to fake a public display of affection for him, she turned her face away.

She clearly enjoyed the spotlight, but I couldn’t find a single photo where she was enjoying him.

Conversely, in pictures wtih Van Ree, Amber leans in with soft features and an effortless smile.

In my humble opinion, it’s Vann Ree that Amber loves. There’s nothing in the world wrong with that, except that an innocent man is being accused of spousal abuse, and has been taken for millions of dollars by a shrew that never loved him. Only pretended, and used her physical attributes to sucker him away from seeing the truth. Until now, anyway, when it’s too late. She’s got her hooks into him, and he’s going to have to pay through the nose to get rid of her.

And now the two lovebirds are reuniting. I saw that coming a mile away. It’s only a shame that Depp didn’t. He saw what he wanted to see, fell for her act hook, line and sinker. And now, he’s going to have to pay through the nose to get rid of her, to the tune of millions.

Heard may be pissing and moaning that he doesn’t want to give her enough millions, but she really shouldn’t. A couple million isn’t a bad payday for every year on her back. I’m sure hookers the world over are tipping their glasses in a toast to the master of the craft.


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