Amber Heard Bigamy?

There are new headlines every day about Amber Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp.

The question I have is about Heard’s divorce from Taysa Van Ree.
Secret wedding: A source said the two women held a private ceremony three years after Amber changed her name to celebrate their loveAmber Heard and Taysa Van Ree were married by way of a legally binding partnership in 2011. Heard even changed her name to Van Ree, stating the reason as “Domestic Partnership.” The two were considered married in every legal way available in 2011. They even celebrated with a ceremony. Gay marriage wasn’t legal in California until 2013.

But was that legal partnership ever legally dissolved?

If not, is Amber Heard a bigamist for marrying Johnny Depp?

Maybe not, technically, because her Domestic Partnership with Van Ree wasn’t actually a legal marriage. But the fact remains that for all intents and purposes, Heard is still involved in a legally binding Domestic Partnership with her “wife” Taysa Van Ree. They never dissolved the union.

So, now, Heard and Van Ree are free to continue with that partnership, and Johnny gets to foot the bill for it, to the tune of tens of millions.

Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

8 thoughts on “Amber Heard Bigamy?

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  2. At last you finally stopped talking about the beautiful hard working Tabetha Jones to bad your still ugly to another beautiful victim of abuse just like Tabetha blaming the poor battered victim just like you did with Tabetha. I hope Amber sues your fucking ads off for slandering her just like the beautiful Ms Jones should of done I would laugh until I pee my pants if she did.

    • There actually is one similarity between the two “ladies” you mention. As I see it both of them faked being victims when they each have a history of violent behavior themselves, in order to manipulate others in both personal and financial situations. Neither strikes me as the victim type. Rather, they seem more like victimizers, bisexuals using sympathy and sexuality to manipulate people to get what they want, not caring who they hurt in the process.

      That’s where the similarities end, though. Childish and manipulative as Heard’s behavior appears, she’s still miles out of Tabetha’s league.

    • Strawberry Rose, before you attempt to sing praises of someone I would suggest a higher education than that of a 4th grader. Your spelling is atrocious, let me educate you.

      Too NOT to
      You’re NOT your
      Ass, my dear uneducated foo,l NOT ads

      Now please crawl back under your rock until you can speak and type on the level that is intelligible for the grown ups.

  3. It is so nice to see Tabetha is still so desperate for attention that she comes here to demand it. Please “ads” as if we haven’t seen that a million times by the same fake ass bitch who is here yet again, stomping her fat feet begging to be noticed.

    And only a narcissistic cunt would keep spouting the same bullshit rhetoric of how amazing she is. Like anyone but Tabetha would think that highly of her.

    What’s the matter little girl no attention at home? Or is it you can’t stand to be in so many people’s rear view?? Either way FUCK OFF

    • She never went anywhere. I still get the same views to her greatest hits, particularly the Bare Truth and the posts about Sky.
      She never quit with publishing either. She’s just using new names. As soon as our little birdy provides us with proof, I’ll post.

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