Diggin’ for gold

Johnny Depp has requested confidentiality in his ongoing divorce proceedings from ex wife Amber Heard. According to his request, Heard previously agreed to maintain privacy, but has refused to sign anything to that effect, and has repeatedly pandered to the press.

Well, of course she is. The worse Heard can make Depp look in the court of public opinion, the more money she can wring out of him. Duh.

Included in the statement, Heard is digging around for every bit of gold she can, nosing around in Johnny’s finances from before she came along, and after she left him. According to California state law, she might be entitled to any assets the couple accrued during their marriage. That’s it. She can’t touch anything he earned before they wed, or after they split. But she’s poking around, requesting financial information from before they got married. And she’s curious about his finances from his current tour with The Hollywood Vampires, Johnny’s band with Alice Cooper and (Aerosith’s) Joe Perry.

It seems Heard is also trying to acquire financial information fro Depp’s band-mates. Probably to find out how much they earned in a bid to find out how much Depp has earned. The greedy gold-digger has no right whatsoever to find out what they earned, or what Depp has earned from the band. Their tour started after her split from him. It’s simply none of her business. But that’s not stopping her from digging around.

With a confidentiality order in pace, it’s likely that we’ll never know the details of whatever settlement they reach. But I can see Johnny paying her more than she’s worth just to get rid of her. I don’t blame him, to a degree. It’s completely understandable to want to be rid of such a toxic, manipulative shrew. Nobody needs that shit.

At the same time, I’d like to see Johnny stand up and force her hand. Make her prove those allegations of spousal abuse. Make her settle for exactly what she’s entitled to, and not a penny more. Chances are good that with an accounting of their combined earnings and expenditures during the 15 months of their marriage, she wouldn’t walk away with much.

That, in my opinion, would be justice.

If she had proof of abuse, he’d already be in jail. Ergo, she doesn’t have squat.

It would be glorious if she walked away with nothing. She spent years whoring herself out to him, maneuvering herself into a marriage with him, all in order to walk away with a major payday to finance her future with her wife, Taysa Van Ree. I would personally LOVE to see the gold-digger walk away with nothing for all her effort.

But not everybody has the constitution to wage a battle like that. He’ll probably pay her to make her go away so that he can move forward with his life.

I only hope that his future brightens up. Drunk(?), stoned(?), wasted(?) and playing band is well and good for a teenager. For a 50-something who isn’t actually a rock star, it just smacks of pathetic. A little time knocked for a loop following the death of his beloved mother and such a reprehensible divorce is to be understood. But only briefly. He needs to shake it off. He needs to act his age.

And bitterness doesn’t look good on anybody.

I hope he dries out, sobers up, pulls his bitter head out of his miserable ass, and sets his feet upon a healthier path. Every day he wallows in self-pity is a victory for his ex. I’d hate to see him hand her that on an ongoing basis.


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