Weak leaks

It looks like Amber Heard needs to shift attention away from the fact that she’s been spotted hanging out with her wife. Now, rumors are spiraling that Heard is dating Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.
Elon Musk Amber Heard DatingWitnesses have spotted Heard coming and going from a Florida hotel suite leased to Musk.

It’s one of three things. Either:

1) Heard is leaking this “news” about her dating Elon Musk in order to cloud the fact that she’s back in her wife’s arms. What better way to do that than to show that she’s dating somebody else all together? And a MAN, at that. Cast attention as far away from her (obviously female) wife.
2) Heard really is dating Musk. Traded a measly millionaire like Depp in for an even bigger payday with a billionaire like Musk. Ever the gold-digger, on to bigger and better rewards. If so, she’d better get ’em in while she can. She’s not getting any younger. A pretty face and lithe, supple body only last so long before the ravages of time start to take a toll.
3) It’s pure fiction, fabricated by the tabloids to keep Heard’s name in the headlines and sell magazines.

Given Heard’s penchant for manipulating the press in order to further her own agenda, I find it highly doubtful that she’s the innocent victim of… well, anything.

Musk’s reps have rushed to insist that there’s nothing going on. Sure, the suite was leased to him, but he wasn’t in it. He had rented out a bungalow instead, and just let Heard (and her sister) use the suite so that they could have access to the hotel’s services, including the pool. He was busy at a rocket expo. No time for a romp with the lovely Heard.

My money says that, no matter which version of the story is true, Heard is far from the poor Bambi-in-headlights bystander she might want to appear as. I maintain my opinion that Heard only courted (even wed) Depp to get money to finance her future together with her wife, whom she loves dearly.

Given Heard’s shady shenanigans, it would take an act of extreme   import to make me believe otherwise.


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