Glory Road.

Somebody’s been tiptoeing through some of this blogs greatest hits, including The Bare  Truth, posts about Destiny Rane and Dark Storm publishing, and Silver Fang, many of the assorted versions of the fraudulent Sweete SinzMystic Press and Phoenix Fire publishing “companies.”
I wonder. Is it somebody new, googling to research a potential publisher? That’s why it’s all still here. So that anybody that considers working with a scam can do a google and get the facts.

Is it somebody’s lawyer, putting together a long-promised law “suite” to sue our “ads” off? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

But ye olde stat counter shows that the majority of hits are coming from Texas, so it’s more likely that it’s a resident troll reliving the glory days when she reveled in the attention she used to get from people finally daring to tell the truth.

Or maybe a boyfriend who’s finally coming to his senses. It’s taken this one some time, but maybe he’s finally catching on. For his sake, one can hope.


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