Amber Heard, she-say/she-say

Ohhh. That’s why we haven’t heard what Amber Heard said at her deposition last weekend. Because she didn’t say anything.

Heard showed up an hour and a half (more?) late to the depostion, then didn’t give one.

SHE says that estranged husband’s lawyers didn’t take a deposition from her. Kept her there for 9 hours and never asked her a thing. The rudeness!

But paperwork filed by Depp’s lawyers maintains that Heard refused to come out of an adjoining office. Heard is described as “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others, appearing manic and irrational.” Depp’s lawyers claim that Amber’s counsel tried to reason with her throughout the day. Unsuccessfully, apparently.

So. Heard couldn’t put off the deposition any longer, but still got out of testifying.

For now.

The hearing on Heard’s accusations against Depp for domestic violence has now been scheduled for August 17th. Depp’s legal team is expected to call as many as 23 witnesses to testify on his behalf, including Depp’s former long-time love Vanessa Paradis, the two officers that responded to neighbor Oi Tillet Wright’s 911 call (and found no evidence of any crime), Hilda Vargas (Heard and Depp’s) housekeeper, who will give evidence about a surprise discovery made in the couple’s home back in April. I can’t wait to hear what that was! The anticipation!

Interestingly, Heard’s publicist Jodi Gottleib is on JOHNNY’S list of witnesses.

Heard’s legal team plans to call 7 witnesses, including Johnny Depp himself as a hostile witness. They also plan to introduce such evidence as testimony from people who will detail abuse claims that Heard described to them, and a picture of Heard holding a bottle of pills back in 2014 that she says she took because of being abused.

I wonder whatever happened to the video Heard promised to produce PROVING that Johnny abused her. That hasn’t been brought up lately, has it? Hmmm. I wonder why.

Basically, it looks like Heard’s got a whole lot of evidence she SAYS comes from being abused. Not one single shred of actual proof that she really was.

If Heard wins, the restraining order against Depp can be extended up to 5 years. If Depp wins, the restraining order is dismissed.

Most likely, the findings from this hearing will impact hugely upon the final figures of the divorce settlement. If, as I suspect, Heard’s ‘evidence’ falls flat and the judge sends her and her restraining order packing, she’ll get much less out of him.

Let’s not forget that she an only ask for half of what he earned during their marriage – not their entire relationship. And, from whatever Johnny earned DURING THAT 15 MONTHS ONLY, any expenses he paid will be deducted. That means that if he earned 10 million, but paid 10 million on their homes, cars, vacations, insurance, her clothes, jewelry, shopping sprees, etc, then she gets nothing from him. Nada. Zip.

Heard seems to me to be a pretty high maintenance kind of girl, so it’s extremely possible that Depp spent MORE on her upkeep during their marriage than he earned during that period. He’s got quite a lot of money from his career before he met her, but remember, she can only count what he earned during the actual marriage. The time they were together before that don’t count. She can’t touch it.

For all her hard work, for that five years spent on her back, Heard could walk away without a dime.

And, if Heard’s claims aren’t upheld, Depp could turn around and sue her ass for defamation of character. He could win damages against her.

Johnny’s too much of a gentleman to do that, but me, I’d call it Karma if he did.
A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday, Aug. 9,


12 thoughts on “Amber Heard, she-say/she-say

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  2. This entire show that that woman is presenting makes me cringe with embarrassment…
    She seems to be oblivious to that, doesn’t she? How can she not notice that she looks awful and greedy in all this? Like she has no shame…
    If I ever had to get a divorce I’d try my very best to keep it as reasonable as possible with the least bit of dirty laundry in public!
    I don’t think her career will recover from this behaviour, I really don’t.

    • She just wrapped filming The Justice League. So she’s now and forever part of the comic book movie franchise. Easily the biggest role of her life. It remains to be seen if her acting is up to it or if she continues to slide by on her looks.

      If her acting in TJL is anything like her acting in her divorce, we might have the worst comic movie flop since Hallie Berry in Cat Woman – another screaming example that looks alone can’t carry a film. And another example of a selfish, reprehensible actress that seems to think that she can use and abuse people in her personal life any way she wants and get away with it smelling of roses.

      But that’s another story.

      Heard seems to be oblivious to how greedy and obvious she looks the same way a child does when caught dropping the cookie jar on the kitchen floor. Kid wanted it and tried to take it, and when caught comes up with all kinds of excuses. None of them work, but something in the kid’s head thinks that more lies will justify wanting it and trying to take it, and that mom and dad will say “Oh, in that case, go ahead and have it then.”

      It never works for the kid and I can’t see it working for Heard. The magic lie never appears and gets the kid the cookie, and without a shred of proof, I don’t see any lie turning Johnny Depp into a domestic abuser.

      Not for lack of effort, though.

      It looks like Heard has spent years preparing to set Johnny up for a fall. Dropping hints of abuse to whoever she thought might be sympathetic.

      Heard really hit the jackpot with Oi Tillet Wright. Heard managed to manipulate Wright (sexually? Sympathetically? ) into believing the sob stories to the point where Wright is willing to testify to sob stories spoon fed to her by Heard. Wright never saw any abuse taking place. Only what Heard says was the aftermath. Not the same thing by any stretch.

      And trying to plant fabricated medical evidence. Records showing, what? Bruises? I hope they’re better than the ones she painted on for court the first time, because those were a joke.

      Pictures of herself holding a bottle of pills she SAYS she took because of Johnny’s alleged abuse? That’s so utterly ridiculous I can’t believe her legal team is even trying it. But they do what they get paid to.

      All Head has is a whole lot of fabricated fluff and nonsense. If she weren’t trying so hard to ruin a man that never laid an abusive finger on her, I could almost feel sorry for her, being so pitifully ridiculous. But I don’t. I hope it all blows up in her face and she’s sent packing without a dime of his money.

      • She was in the justice league movies? I never noticed her…
        Going to google that now – her acting can’t be that impressive, I never noticed her there…

        • She’s in the new one coming out. She’ll be Mera, Aquaman’s wife, the queen of Atlantis. Just what we need. An ego-stroke movie where she gets to be the queen.
          *insert eye roll*

          And it looks like she’s slated to play the same part in the announced movie about Aquaman himself, sans the Justice League.

          We can scratch those two off as movies I won’t pay to see.

          The first time I saw her, she was in an episode of Criminal Minds, as a fetching actress that put the moves on Dr. Reid. My first opinion of her, long before her involvement with Johnny, was that she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

          Nothing has happened since to change that opinion.

      • Right, I watched a few shows with her now and the girl is one of those that exist thousands of in tv-land, one of those that you forget the minute the show is over…
        I think she gets far more attention than she deserves!

        • And all she had to do to get that attention was pretend to be straight, take up with Johnny Depp, and then accuse him of abusing her.

          And she can’t even act well enough to pull that off.

      • That’s gonna be great when nobody takes women seriously anymore that report abuse! Nonsense like this make it really hard for real victims!
        This will have a negative impact for years to come, it could even cost lives…

        • I hope that this helps legitimate victims by outing an obvious fake one. I hope the backlash to this fraud is that even greater care is taken of real victims.

          You’re right, though. It pisses me off to no end when women play a fake victim card to make a man look bad or benefit herself financially.

  3. Morbidly curious, I looked up clips of Amber Heard in The Danish Girl. Maybe I’m biased, but she was awful. She flounced about like she was the only one on the screen, and her British accent was a fake and awful as she is. I’d love to watch the whole movie to see Eddie Redmayne’s performance, but I hope there’s a minimum of Heard in it. I’d hate to have to tolerate her.

    As it is, I won’t be paying to see either the Justice League or Aquaman.

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