Jolly rotten

Just when I didn’t think I could find anybody more disgusting than Amber Heard for accusing Johnny Depp of spousal domestic violence…

Here come allegations of “verbal and physical” child abuse being leveled against Brad Pitt amid divorce proceedings from Angelina Jolie.  He is reportedly under investigation by children’s protective services.

It was bad enough that Heard tried her hardest to make the world think that Johnny Depp was a wife beater. But to accuse a father of abusing his children when by all accounts, including the mother’s, he’s been a wonderful, loving parent – that’s lower than low.

What the fuck is wrong with these women? Isn’t it enough that they’re rich, famous and beautiful? Are they so ugly and broken on the inside that they have to lash out with unfounded allegations at these men that loved them? I can’t even imagine being so insecure that I’d have to resort to something so repulsive and immature.

No matter how old these women are, this smacks of such staggering immaturity and mental instability that I’d swear we were talking about middle school children pissed off at the school quarterback for dumping them.

Maybe instead of scheming against the guys, twats like these should step back and take a good look at themselves. Well-adjusted, mature, secure, stable women don’t behave like this. They don’t have to. Only infantile mental cases behave like that.

In my humble opinion, Amber Heard and Angelina Jolie should give up on handsome, powerful, ruch, successful men and just date each other. Both are no strangers to relationships with women. Heard remains legally wed to Taysa Van Ree, and Angelina was (is?) heavily involved with model Jenny Shimizu.
Image result for amber heard tasya van reeImage result for Angelina Jolie Jenny shimizu
Both pulling the same sorts of stunts, defaming the famous men they married (after seducing them away from other marriages), Heard and Jolie deserve each other. I, for one, would love to see them waltz off into the sunset together, never to be seen again.


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