Sweetest Sinz

I’m honor bound to share this with you.
I’m not sure when Tabetha (Jones) Simpson moved to Whitney, Texas, but I’m pretty sure it happened after the last time I blogged about her. So this is relatively new.
We all remember Sweete Sinz, right?
Well, now there’s this. Sweetest Sinz.
And, no. She can’t run screaming that I’m stalking her or posting per personal information online, comprimising her safety in any way. She put her location online herself. It’s on her LinkedIn page, above.
It’s also on her Facebook page.
So, yeah. Wow.
Beware, folks. It looks like she might still, unbelievably, be at it.

I couldn’t find anything about Sweetest Sinz anywhere online, but keep one eye open for it. Just in case. And, if you’re an author with an actual pulse, keep your wits about you. This is one to avoid at all costs.


27 thoughts on “Sweetest Sinz

  1. So Tabetha the lady of many last names and companies now has two new ones, Simpson and Sweetest Sinz.

    “-just a freight train coming your way-”

    10 Aug 2013. Tabetha Jones of Phoenix Fire Publishing joined a discussion on the blog of Nickolaus Pacione of Lake Fossil Press (illinoishorrorman) attacking Pacione’s critics.

    At that time, both Phoenix Fire and Lake Fossil were listed at Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors as publishers to avoid.

    13 Jul 2015. Nickolaus ran a Kickstarter to raise funds when Tabetha and Nickolaus joined forces on the book project “Sinisters Souls”. With a goal of $4300 it raised $0 in seven weeks before ending.

    Since their team up, Phoenix Fire failed, follow up Tabetha companies failed. Nickolaus got himself banned from Lulu, then CreateSpace, now one of his last ports, booktango, is no longer operating as a self-publishing outlet.

    Maybe she has done better than her one time partner on “Sinister Souls”. Realized the error of her ways, repented, reformed, resolved to go forth to sin no more. (Stop snickering.)

    “-just a freight train coming your way-”

    I hope it does not become a train wreck involving innocent newbie authors.

    • Done better? Realized the error of her ways, repented and reformed?
      Dude, I didn’t just snicker. I pulled something laughing so hard.

      If only. Oh, if only.

      If she does any of the above, I’ll be the first to stand and cheer. I really will.
      We’ve all made bad calls. We’ve all made choices that we regret. We haven’t all committed felony scam, fraud and theft, but I’m an optimist. I choose to believe that even the worst of us can turn their lives around. But that takes honesty and conscience, and I just don’t think she’s capable of either. And it’s a shame. She’s not stupid. Just heartless.

      Oh dear. I’ve still got that stitch in my side. I might have to take a pill for that.

    • Hey plagiarizing racist — piss off. I have two more working with and a new publisher learning from the historic roster. So tell me did you admit to pirating out Darkened Horizons with Damnation Observes stripped from your copy you pedophile.

  2. If you aren’t trolling then how do you find the breaking news about me and what the fuck I’m doing these days? I got a message from Nic on LinkedIn telling me you are at it again… Blah Blah fucking blah. Not to disappoint but I do plan on writing again, finishing up my series, and completing a collection or two. Do I care if anyone picks it up? No because I am doing it for me. I do wonder why I am not locked away in Berthas big ole cell, doing time for all these crimes I supposedly committed. Yet here I am, and my husband that you swear I will throw under the bus is standing right alongside me. We apparently happen to be some amazingly interesting fucking people because everyone thinks they know us, about us, and can’t get off our dick! I know we’re what Willis be talkin bout and “those people” but no one likes a kiss ass. You have gone beyond being an overachiever Lepplady, and I know you like to tell tall tales that I take credit for your misadventures with karma, but I’m not that fucking good. I mean I keep a box of souls in my pantie drawer and Troy is apparently a demon from Hell beating up cops and cunts. But no one likes a pig and sometimes a bitch needs to be slapped sideways. Basically what I am putting down if you can pull your head out of your ass to hear the words I am duly qualified and sent by the keymaster to tell you, yes we’re those people, no we don’t want to play with you, and yes we’re crazy, no you can’t have any. Yes I am a fucking twisted bitch and my husband is psychotically crazy, we are burning bridges to light our way to Hell and don’t give a fuck who likes it. People around here have a saying when new folks come across us, trying to pull bullshit: don’t fuck with those people, your ass could never cash that check your mouth will write and if you fuck them, they will fuck you back. And they go big cause at this point we’re just able to put our money where our mouth is. Suck it up buttercup, and always remember my dick is bigger than yours and my husband won’t make me a liar!

    • Hon, the only ones disappointed by you writing again will be anybody unfortunate enough to read your illiterate crap.

      Thanks for admitting that you’re getting back into publishing, “These days.”

      Thanks for confirming that you and the Nic-wit are still in touch. That alone is funnier than hell. You two deserve each other. Truly.

      Thanks for continuing to demostrate that you still possess the same inimitable writing skills that propelled you into international anonymity in the first place.

      Thanks for proving that you’re even more delusional than ever, with your Keymaster crap. Watch Ghostbusters one time too many?

      Most of all, thanks for simply not being able to keep your big mouth shut. You’ve confirmed that you’re back at it. And that’s all I really needed to know.

      • You should lay off me Jungle Twat, picking on the namesake publication you really mocked the memory of a friend who died at the age of thirty. Unlike you I remained in touch with a lot of my friends from the era, you should take your posts down about me because you’re nothing but libel. The legacy of Janice Frank is the enabling the plagiarism of The Pattern Of Diagnosis and the loser who said I am no longer published I gave Tabetha a heads up to get her back in print. Without the corruption of a V-A-N-I-T-Y HACK like you who never paid your dues in the small press, I sold my work and seen the money here and there.

        • I wasn’t even talking to you, goofball. This post isn’t about you. Your buddy Tabetha dragged you into it. Why don’t you go give her a great big, wet kiss to say thank you.
          Dude, she is the DEFINITION of a corrupt vanity press. And pick up a mirror while you’re at it.
          Why don’t you just run along. I think they have cookies back on the mother ship.

  3. Are you stupid, you’re the one that keeps bringing this up.She committed no crime or she’d be in jail.Everything you’ve said about my wife is a complete lie, you just keep fabricating stories. I ain’t threatening you when I say this, you have gone to far, you are instagating a physical confontation.Spreading false accusations about someone’s wife is slander and against the law. I have warned you about what your actions will cause beyond my control and whatever happens is legally your fault and liable for civil action.Ill ask you again, please leave my wife, family, and friends alone.Thank you.

    • No, hon. We’re not stupid. And that’s what pisses her off the most. She can’t lie, con, or steal her way out of her own admissions of guilt on this blog, and that ticks her off to no end.

      Hon, I’ve seen surveillance footage of you driving the truck when she used somebody’s stolen bank card. So you can spare us the protestations of her innocence. We’re not buying it.

      If you think, even for a second, that every word we’ve said about your wife is a lie, then you don’t know her at all. We haven’t had to fabricate a single thing. The truth has stood up for itself very well.

      See, that’s the thing about libel and slander. They’re only actionable if what’s being said isn’t true. And every revalation made here is. Her victims have spoken up and provided proof to back up their claims. If you believe otherwise, it’s only because you’re listening to her and not doing the research to find out for yourself.

      You’re not the first guy to fall for it. Don’t worry. There’s a string of guys that came before you, and she used them to threaten people, too. You’re not the first. Probably won’t be the last. If and when you finally come to your senses, she’ll replace you just as fast as she has all the rest of them when they wised up and got away from her.

      Promising a physical confrontation? With me?

      Dude, I’m being straight up with you when I say this. You’ve already got a criminal record. Protecting someone who is lying to you isn’t worth your freedom.

      Think about it. If you and she are standing side by side in front of a judge, do you think for one second that she’ll defend you? Hell no. She’ll throw you under the bus faster than you can say boo. And then she’ll have another guy in her bed by nightfall.

      Just ask the guys that came before you. They’ve spoken up, too, right here on this blog. She got them to fight her battles, too. Then, when the lights came on, she accused each and every one of them of abusing her, when SHE is the abuser. And I think you know that. I think you’ve seen it up close.

      Dude, she’s using you. The faster you wise up to that, the better off you’ll be.

      • Jungle Twat — you really shouldn’t make fun of The Pattern Of Diagnosis because that was plagiarized by someone on Janrae Frank’s payroll, I didn’t pay a grand to publish and The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five all of them are far more noteworthy than you ever piss out to dream to be. You’re a fan fiction writer nothing more and nothing less, 15 years to write your first novel. An Eye In Shadows took me five months and it became fact checked against The Chicago Tribune. Running with Christine Morgan who would be seen as a Plagiarist, mock my shark story you’re really heartless and the troll here. Your daughter may as well never be published knowing that because her mother and her are plagiarists in the highest form, and you’re also prejudice and a racist busybody. Are you sure you don’t have Homeless Jack’s material stashed in your drawer or a KKK robe somewhere because you’re as bad as Steven L. Anderson.

        • Here’s a clue for you, Einstein. Nobody’s talking to you.

          You might have your head stuffed up Tabby’s cavernous twat, but that doesn’t make you relevant to these discussions.
          By all means, please keep sticking your nose in, and exposing yourself as someone to be avoided by association… as if anybody hasn’t already gotten that memo. But not one single person here cares what you think.
          Just letting you know.

          Now, carry on with your mindless babble. Ya just can’t buy this kind of entertainment.

  4. Do you even realize the gravity of what I called you? The fact I gave you an association with the KKK and would had lynched Italians in your past life by the look of your last name, you’re about as vile as the Encyclopedia Dramatica bastards who went and posted my grandmother’s number one number at a time.

  5. Lake Fossil Press and Phoenix Fire Publishing were put on Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors before I ever knew about them or expressed an opinion about them (not to mention Absolute Write). I became aware of them because their reputations were already notorious. I do believe the warnings to the indepedent small press community about them by the authors who had dealings and misdealings with them and filed complaints.

    • They were at it long before I came along, too. I learned about Phoenix Fire Publishing when they scammed my kid. WAY wrong move. Paid her back later, but too little, too late.
      I learned about Lake Fossil Press through association with Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire. In truth, I really don’t care about LFP. Their misgivings have already been thoroughly documented.
      The owner of Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire, et al, keeps coming up with new (and new spins) on names for “publishing” companies. That’s the only reason they keep coming up. To let potential new victims know to be on the watch.

    • I was pirated because of bastards like you, An Eye In Shadows was written to take heat off my publishers and I sold work, I saw the news stand. Those who are in good standing with me hung out with my friends before I entered the business. I saw a strong writer approval but the industry would have none of it because I am not a racist and a Conservative. My strict rules came an issue but those who came aboard knew what they were in for, you on other hand quit being my biographer you racist scumbag dick.

      • Nic did you use personal device ID 2603:9000:de16:2c00:8dff:1cc9:36a0:e2a9 to vandalize the Kealan Burke article at Wikipedia 17 Nov 2018?

    • Are you sure you’re really not a grand wizard of the Klan because you’re defending liars. I never kyped Disney properties, who are you the thought police? Are you some libtard who whitewashes history like a prejudice dick.

      • I’m not sure which is funnier: The fact that you keep regurgitating these KKK-related racist insults, or that you really think anybody takes them (or you) seriously.
        i almost feel sorry for you, so clueless about what a joke you make of yourself. But then you open your mouth to spew out more hateful gibbersih, and no. I don’t feel sorry for you at all.
        Keep right on making a spectacle of yourself.

    • Misdealings no that’s misinformation. I was on social security disability and funded out of my own pocket. Do you with all honesty whitewash history and celebrate a drunken dick who wrote about a talking dog. You took a ripe one on a real exchange with one of my classmates, the fact that story is far more important than the grain of sand known as your soul. Excuse me while I take a number two pencil to your name in that large book in the afterlife.

      • Do you really think you’re doing yourself any favors as a so-called publisher, would-be author or wannabe public personality by telling the world you’re on SSI, paying for your ramshackle little dog and pony show on what scant money benefits give you? Do you seriously think that gives you any cred?

        Dude could write about a talking dog, reading the phone book in his skivvies or lighting his farts on fire with a Zippo, and he’d still run literary circles around you.

        Why don’t you just quit while you’re behind?

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