Amber Heard’s bid to Blackball Johnny Depp continues to fail.

It has been confirmed that Johnny Depp will reprise his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the Harry Potter prequel franchise Fantastic Beasts, and where to find them. It was revealed at the end of the first movie that… is it still a spoiler after all this time? …Johnny Depp was wearing a Colin Farrel suit throughout the movie, and the he, Johnny, was actually Gellert Grindelwald. The bad guy.

When the news broke for certain that Johnny will be in the upcoming sequel, fans were less than pleased. They railed against johnny Depp (far right) being cast because of accusations flung around by his ex Amber Heard that Johnny had abused her “physically, emotionally and verbally” throughout the entirety of their relationship.

In May 2016, Heard showed off magical moving bruises that she alleged came from Johnny Depp smashing an iPhone into her face.
Responding officers found that there was no physical evidence of any crime, and left without arresting him. If Amber had visions of Johnny being photographed in handcuffs to use as leverage in their divorce, those plans were foiled.

A picture taken of a smiling Amber Heard posted on a friend’s social media just hours after the alleged attack took place show not a mark on her.
Pictured is Amber Heard (left) at her friend Amanda de Cadenet's (centre) birthday party with Amber Valletta on Sunday - the day after she was allegedly attacked. Her hair covers the areas which appeared to be bruised the day before. The picture was posted on Instagram and has since been deleted
The photo has since been deleted.

Multiple reports from people who live in the building say that they saw her after the alleged attack without a mark on her.

Still, Amber Heard insisted that she’d been abused, which is ironic considering that she, herself, was arrested for violently assaulting her wife in 2009.

Women from Johnny’s past, handed a perfect platform to take revenge on him if they wanted, all stepped forward to defend him. Wynona Ryder.  Lori Anne Allison, Johnny’s first wife. Vanessa Paradis, the mother of Johnny’s two children. All of them said that he was a kind and gentle man. Kate Moss said she cried for years after their split because she missed him.

Still, there are fans out there willing to believe Heard’s tales of woe and rail against Johnny Depp in her defense. Potter fans, particularly, want him removed from the movie.

But David Yates defended the decision to keep Johnny in the role, calling Johnny a kind and decent man.

J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe, defends the choice to keep Johnny in the role of Gellert Grindelwald, citing the joint statement issued by both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the time of their divorce, which said that:

“there was never any intent of physical or emotional harm” by either party.

J.K. Rowling is not only comfortable with the decision to cast Johnny Depp, she’s delighted to have him on board.

Amber Heard is not pleased.

Despite a public proclaimation that: (yes, I’ll repeat it)

“there was never any intent of physical or emotional harm” by either party.

Heard still maintains that she was abused by Johnny Depp, and seems to be stomping her widdle foot because Johnny hasn’t been blackballed by Hollywood. She responded to J.K. Rowling’s defense by saying the the famous author was “picking and choosing” parts of that joint statememt, and it’s “just not right!”

That joint statement also says that:

Amber wishes the best for Johnny in the future.

All evidence to the contrary.

From the look of it, she won’t be happy until nobody hires Johnny anymore.

Sorry, kid. Johnny’s career continues to flourish. The future of her own illustrious film career, however, remains to be seen. She’ll forever get royalties from frolicking with Aquaman in the Justice League movies, but were those deals forged when she was still Mrs. Johnny Depp? Now that she’s not hitched to his bandwagon anymore, and considering her apparent continued crusade to ruin his carreer, what will Hollywood do with her? What masterpiece performances will she give in the future?

Only time will tell. Her IMDB page doesn’t seem to be brimming with projects after the ones she’s already filmed. Johnny’s IMDB, on the other hand, lists at least half a dozen upcoming projects, including the aforementioned Fantastic Beasts.

Me, I haven’t been impressed with a single thing Amber Heard’s done, from the Aqua-flicks to her single-episode stint on Criminal Minds back in 2006. She was in a few things before that, but CM was the first time I saw her. In my considered opinion, she is a pretty little girl with a spoiled, selfish attitude who can’t act her way out of a wet paper sack.

She needs to improve her attutude, knock it off with the witch hunt, and work on her acting. You know, grow up. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a future for her in a career environment that loves the guy she’s trying to ruin.


Jolly rotten

Just when I didn’t think I could find anybody more disgusting than Amber Heard for accusing Johnny Depp of spousal domestic violence…

Here come allegations of “verbal and physical” child abuse being leveled against Brad Pitt amid divorce proceedings from Angelina Jolie.  He is reportedly under investigation by children’s protective services.

It was bad enough that Heard tried her hardest to make the world think that Johnny Depp was a wife beater. But to accuse a father of abusing his children when by all accounts, including the mother’s, he’s been a wonderful, loving parent – that’s lower than low.

What the fuck is wrong with these women? Isn’t it enough that they’re rich, famous and beautiful? Are they so ugly and broken on the inside that they have to lash out with unfounded allegations at these men that loved them? I can’t even imagine being so insecure that I’d have to resort to something so repulsive and immature.

No matter how old these women are, this smacks of such staggering immaturity and mental instability that I’d swear we were talking about middle school children pissed off at the school quarterback for dumping them.

Maybe instead of scheming against the guys, twats like these should step back and take a good look at themselves. Well-adjusted, mature, secure, stable women don’t behave like this. They don’t have to. Only infantile mental cases behave like that.

In my humble opinion, Amber Heard and Angelina Jolie should give up on handsome, powerful, ruch, successful men and just date each other. Both are no strangers to relationships with women. Heard remains legally wed to Taysa Van Ree, and Angelina was (is?) heavily involved with model Jenny Shimizu.
Image result for amber heard tasya van reeImage result for Angelina Jolie Jenny shimizu
Both pulling the same sorts of stunts, defaming the famous men they married (after seducing them away from other marriages), Heard and Jolie deserve each other. I, for one, would love to see them waltz off into the sunset together, never to be seen again.

Heard Depp drama’s over

Amber Heard tried.

She did everything she could think of to set Johnny Depp up to take a fall to the tune of millions. Probably from the moment she saw the first spark of interest in Johnny’s eyes, she probably schemed to get every red cent possible out of him.

She put her wife on the back burner.
She wiggled her way into his bed.
She even got a ring on his finger.

And, the whole time, she was setting him up.

She was whispering sob stories of abuse into any sympathetic ear that would listen, until she finally hit the jackpot in Oi Tillett Wright. Originally a friend of Johnny’s, claiming care about him like a brother, Wright ended up being Heard’s biggest champion. Wright’s the one that called the police that fateful night after Heard ran screaming that Johnny had abused her.

Was Wright simply a kind, sympathetic pawn? Did Heard flirt her way into Wright’s fondest graces? We may never know.

At the same time as orchestrating the perfect witness in Wright, Heard was laying other avenues of groundwork as well. She saw doctors, hinting at abuse, being prescribed medication that she took pictures of herself with to prove the history of abuse.

And all the while bedding Depp, smiling in his face and wrapping her legs around his back. Feeling with her heels for the best spot to plant the knife in his back. Posing for the cameras and spending his money. Enjoying the fame that comes with danging on Johnny Depp’s arm and jockeying for roles she might not have gotten otherwise.

She went for it after Wright called the cops, accusing Johnny of abuse and taking to the world’s stage playing the role of victim. Showing up at court with (painted on?) bruises on her face that witnesses asserted weren’t there before and after the public display in front of the courthouse.

Every time she tried to pull ahead in the poll of public opinion, she fell flat. With not a single shred of evidence, and burdened with a history of being arrested for committing domestic abuse herself, Heard was simply never believable.

She gave it one last show, leaking that video of Johnny slamming cabinets around in his apartment. That, I’m sure, was supposed to be the coup de grace, Johnny’s downfall.


The video only proved to be an obvious attempt to distract the public eye away from her disastrous deposition. The one at which she was asked to explain why two cops, 5 concierges, building tenants and everybody else close to the couple never saw a single shred of evidence of abuse. Not even on the night of Wright’s 911 call. She couldn’t explain it, and didn’t even really try. I guess she thought that the public, lawyers, judge and jury would believe her sob stories just because she’s a pretty girl.

Sorry, kid. Doesn’t work that way. Not this time.

After the video failed miserably, Heard folded like a house of cards. She withdrew her claims of abuse and settled for 7 million to walk away.

Just like that, it’s over.

At one point in the drama, Depp had offered an 8 million dollar settlement, but that was rejected. Heard probably thought she could get a lot more for playing victim. He’s worth over $400 million, after all. She probably thought she was entitled to at least double digits for all the work she put in. For pretending to be straight all that time.  For bedding a (smoking? drinking?) guy twice her age that she probably never found sexually attractive at all. She’s gay, remember, married to a woman since 2008 – and that legal domestic partnership was never resolved. Just imagine how many faked orgasms went into keeping Johnny happy all that time.

She WORKED for that money, damn it!

But, in the end, she gave it up and settled for a discounted offer, a million less than the offer she rejected earlier on.

That’s probably the smartest move she’s made yet. Take the money and run.

I’m sure that if Johnny wanted to, he could pursue her for false accusations and defamation of character. But he’s too much of a gent to do that, and I’m sure he’ll be glad just to get rid of her. I can’t say I blame him.

In a statement, Heard promises  to donate proceedings of the settlement to charity. She fails to mention how much or which charity, however.

Buck and a half in a Salvation Army red bucket is my guess.

Depp-osition, take 2

Ah, THAT’S why Amber Heard’s ‘damning’ video hit the airwaves. She was finally forced to give a deposition. She got out of it last week by having a meltdown, but this past Saturday, Heard finally had to sit in that hot-seat and answer direct questions.

Transcripts haven’t been released, but according to sources, she was grilled pretty hard with  questions about why nobody – including 2 cops 5 concierges, several bodyguards and every other tenant in the building – didn’t see a single mark on her after she accused Johnny Depp of abusing her. Not so much as smudged mascara, let alone evidence of his horrendous abuse.

Her answer?

Reportedly, she continues to insist that she was injured, and couldn’t account for what others saw.

Really? What is she, five years old? Insisting that there are monsters under the bed even though the light’s been turned on? Even though a MYRIAD of witnesses saw her without bruises, including the same day, before and after she showed up in court with a shiner.

No wonder that video got leaked when it did. Heard needed something to make Johnny look like a monster, since she couldn’t convince anybody with her own lame testimony and lack of a single shred of tangible proof.

Well, if that video is the best she’s got, she really is out of gas.

People who saw the whole video are willing to testify that only heavily edited parts of it got leaked. What we didn’t see was even more footage of Heard prodding Johnny, baiting and antagonizing him.

We did see enough of that, though. Her interjecting leading comments and hiding the phone, showing her deviously baiting him and filming him without his knowledge – which could get her charged in California, a 2-party consent state. It’s illegal to record a private conversation with somebody without their knowledge and consent, especially when there’s a reasonable expectation of privacy – like in their own home.

Personally, I hope they throw the book at her.

At least for this deposition, she managed to show up on time. Still donning her shool-marm-at-a-funeral costume, I see.

What is it with her and those fugly black shoes?
Big news: Her arrival sparked a media scrum as onlookers and media jostled for a glimpse of the actressWe KNOW she owns more shoes than that. Do these have some sentimental value? They’re the same ones she wore to have lunch with her wife. Yes, I said WIFE. Heard and Tasya Van Ree entered into a legally binding domestic partnership that was never dissolved. The two are still very much married, as such. Is it Heard’s way of sending a message of love and solidarity to her beloved wife? Carol Burnett tugged her ear. Some people blow kisses. Maybe Heard’s way to tell her wife that she loves her at a glance is to plod around in those butt-ugly chunk-heel mules.

And what’s up with those fresh bruises on her arm?
no titleIs she going to try to blame Johnny for those, too? Or does she have another mark lined up to blame for those? Billionaire Elon Musk, maybe? Could she be setting him up from the start with bruises seen the world over during her messy divorce from Johnny Depp?

If the payday from a measly millionaire isn’t satisfying enough, maybe setting up a billionaire will pay better.

Good luck with that.

Heard’s crazy Depp video

At last! Here’s the ace Amber Heard’s been hiding up her sleeve. The video of Johnny that she promised would PROVE that he’s got a violent temper and seal the deal for her. The video got “leaked” to TMZ. I guess after her ridiculous behavior at the deposition she didn’t give last weekend, she felt she needed to drop a bombshell to sway the public’s opinion in her favor. (I didn’t say back in her favor because I don’t think she’s had the public’s favor yet over this whole thing.)

I gotta tell ya, I can’t WAIT to tear this thing apart. So much so that I’m doubling down on posts today.

The video is below, but first, let me describe it.

The video starts with Johnny kicking a kitchen cabinet, shouting “MOTHERF-ER!” repeatedly.

Heard, holding a travel mug in front of the phone so he won’t see it, asks “What happened?” Johnny walks away.

When Johnny walks back into the kitchen nowhere near her, Heard positions herself in front of the camera so he won’t see it. Clearly, she is filming him without his knowledge or consent. She ask him again, “What happened?”

He slams a few kitchen cabinets around, breaking something, then wanders back out of sight.

Heard says “Nothing happened this morning. You know that.” Something smashes.

Johnny asks: “Were you here?”

Heard answers: “No.”

Johnny replies: “So then nothing happened TO YOU this morning.”

Heard answers back: “Yeah, you’re right. I just woke up and you were still asleep, so…”

Johnny walks back into view, into the kitchen, fetches a glass and walks back out of frame again.

Amber continues: “We weren’t even fighting this morning. All I did was say sorry.”

Johnny comes back into the kitchen area and tries to get the subject back on track by asking “Did something happen TO YOU this morning? I don’t think so.” And walks back out again.

Heard moves the phone to try to keep Johnny in sight more.

Johnny, not noticing the phone yet, walks toward the counter where she’s standing and reaches for a bottle of wine. Heard quickly puts her cup in front of the phone so Johnny won’t see it.

Pouring himself a drink, johnny says: “You want to see crazy? I’ll give you crazy. Here’s crazy. Oh, you’re crazy.” He pours himself a drink. “There’s your crazy.” He puts the bottle down hard.

Heard points at the bottle and asks: “Have you drunk this whole thing this morning?”

That’s when Johnny notices the phone. “Oh, you’ve got this thing running?”

Amber stammers: “I just started it.”

Johnny snatches up the phone, saying: “Oh, really? Really?” And throws it.

Here’s the video.

And my take on it:

Johnny was obviously pissed off about something that happened when she wasn’t home that morning. She took advantage of the moment, planted the camera and inserted her own self-serving comments to manipulate his anger about something unrelated so that she could paint herself as the victim.

Heard tries to put fear into her voice, to play victim, but look at her actions. Never once does she shy away from him. Quite the opposite. When he approaches, she puts herself in front of the camera, to hide it.

And never once does she run out, the poor, frightenend victim of his rage. Instead, she stands with her hip cocked and a travel mug held casually in her hand.

All she managed to prove is that even when he’s angry enough to slam kitchen cabinets, HE DIDN’T TOUCH HER. He didn’t swear at her. He didn’t lift a pinky toward her. All he did was insist that NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER, clearly trying to tell her that he was pissed about something that had nothing to do with her.

Even when he discovered that she was recording him, he didn’t make any aggressive action towards her. He reached PAST her and snatched up the phone.

Several questions leap to mind.
If she was so afraid of him, why didn’t she leave when she saw that he was in such a rage?
Why didn’t she call the police on the spot?
Why didn’t she leave him, right then and there?
Why has it taken so long for this “devastating” video to see the light of day, unless she was holding it until it could fetch her a higher settlement?

Sorry to tell her, but she falls short, yet again.

All she managed to do with this “damning” video is prove that HE DIDN’T ABUSE HER.

Good job!

Amber Heard, she-say/she-say

Ohhh. That’s why we haven’t heard what Amber Heard said at her deposition last weekend. Because she didn’t say anything.

Heard showed up an hour and a half (more?) late to the depostion, then didn’t give one.

SHE says that estranged husband’s lawyers didn’t take a deposition from her. Kept her there for 9 hours and never asked her a thing. The rudeness!

But paperwork filed by Depp’s lawyers maintains that Heard refused to come out of an adjoining office. Heard is described as “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others, appearing manic and irrational.” Depp’s lawyers claim that Amber’s counsel tried to reason with her throughout the day. Unsuccessfully, apparently.

So. Heard couldn’t put off the deposition any longer, but still got out of testifying.

For now.

The hearing on Heard’s accusations against Depp for domestic violence has now been scheduled for August 17th. Depp’s legal team is expected to call as many as 23 witnesses to testify on his behalf, including Depp’s former long-time love Vanessa Paradis, the two officers that responded to neighbor Oi Tillet Wright’s 911 call (and found no evidence of any crime), Hilda Vargas (Heard and Depp’s) housekeeper, who will give evidence about a surprise discovery made in the couple’s home back in April. I can’t wait to hear what that was! The anticipation!

Interestingly, Heard’s publicist Jodi Gottleib is on JOHNNY’S list of witnesses.

Heard’s legal team plans to call 7 witnesses, including Johnny Depp himself as a hostile witness. They also plan to introduce such evidence as testimony from people who will detail abuse claims that Heard described to them, and a picture of Heard holding a bottle of pills back in 2014 that she says she took because of being abused.

I wonder whatever happened to the video Heard promised to produce PROVING that Johnny abused her. That hasn’t been brought up lately, has it? Hmmm. I wonder why.

Basically, it looks like Heard’s got a whole lot of evidence she SAYS comes from being abused. Not one single shred of actual proof that she really was.

If Heard wins, the restraining order against Depp can be extended up to 5 years. If Depp wins, the restraining order is dismissed.

Most likely, the findings from this hearing will impact hugely upon the final figures of the divorce settlement. If, as I suspect, Heard’s ‘evidence’ falls flat and the judge sends her and her restraining order packing, she’ll get much less out of him.

Let’s not forget that she an only ask for half of what he earned during their marriage – not their entire relationship. And, from whatever Johnny earned DURING THAT 15 MONTHS ONLY, any expenses he paid will be deducted. That means that if he earned 10 million, but paid 10 million on their homes, cars, vacations, insurance, her clothes, jewelry, shopping sprees, etc, then she gets nothing from him. Nada. Zip.

Heard seems to me to be a pretty high maintenance kind of girl, so it’s extremely possible that Depp spent MORE on her upkeep during their marriage than he earned during that period. He’s got quite a lot of money from his career before he met her, but remember, she can only count what he earned during the actual marriage. The time they were together before that don’t count. She can’t touch it.

For all her hard work, for that five years spent on her back, Heard could walk away without a dime.

And, if Heard’s claims aren’t upheld, Depp could turn around and sue her ass for defamation of character. He could win damages against her.

Johnny’s too much of a gentleman to do that, but me, I’d call it Karma if he did.
A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday, Aug. 9,

Heard still not deposed

That’s why we haven’t  heard about Amber Heard’s deposition. She still hasn’t given one. She showed up an hour and a half late, then sat around in another room while the lawyers tried to hash out some sort of settlement instead.

It didn’t work.

Heard left without being placed under oath or making any formal statement at all.

She still has a restraining order out against estrange husband Johnny Depp.
Personally, I don’t think she needs to bother with one. I can’t think of a single reason Depp would want to go anywhere near her. She tried to frame him for domestic abuse, hooked back up with her wife, is hanging around in exotic places with some other guy, and continues to tie up legal proceedings because, apparently, she’s not seeing numbers she likes. Why in the world would he want to occupy the same air space as the hag that’s making his life so miserable?

How many millions does she need from Depp when she reportedly already has hooks cast out to try to snag billionaire Elon Musk. Compared to that guy, Depp is a relative pauper. If it’s money she’s after, she needs to cut Johnny loose, polish off her claws and concentrate on sinking them into her next mark.