The Broken Nickles Record

Do these idiots coordinate when they go off their meds, or is there some cosmic cycle at work that stirs them up from the depths of their lunacy in unison?

First, Tabetha Jones put in an appearance after a blissfully lengthy hiatus, and now Nick Pacione takes it upon himself to troll me on Facebook.

First, he harkened back to a picture of me from last year cosplaying Bellatrix LeStrange at an anime convention where I had a table in Artists Alley. Silly, I know, but more fun than I expected. Remind me to tell you about my Harry Potter encounter.

I’m not sure what the weather in the middle east has to do with his ravings, but here we are nonetheless.

Then he got all threatening and junk:

Then Nicky jumped on a link I posted of the late Patrick Swayze appearing on the Family Guy 8 years after his death (by way of being voiced by his soundalike brother Don), blabbering some incoherent insults at me in Arabic.

Then he followed up on a picture of me standing behind an insanely large elephant ear, taunting me to ask him what he said in Arabic and airing out his favorite insult, the ever-amusing “plagiarism advocate” assertion.

He lashed out about how he’s never stolen anything, blah, blah.

In the very brief time it took me to reply (I touch type), he blocked me. I guess he thinks that makes him the victor in some way because he got the last word in. Or maybe he thought that if he blocked me, I wouldn’t have proof of his lunacy.

I guess he fails to realize that screen caps are a real thing, or that I’d have the presence of mind to take any. But, as usual, he was wrong.

Personally, I don’t care what that psychotic twatwaffle says. I think he’s a sad little man that nobody cared enough about to get him the help he so desperately needs. But I thought I’d relay his activities to show that, like Tabetha, he has neither ceased nor desisted. They both continue on the same unhealthy paths, neither seemingly interested in (or capable of) bettering themselves.

For their own sakes, I wish they’d either find Jesus or up their meds. They’d be happier and so would the people around them.

I know I would.


Wicked, Wicked, Wicked

In August of 2015, I posted an author’s experience with Tabetha Jones about (yet another) clusterfuck “Anthology” called Wicked Enticements.  To refresh your memory, since it’s been a little while, Tabetha had a nasty habbit of throwing together so-called anthologies with a few real authors and a plethora of her own alternyms, putting in a minimum effort in production and reaping the majority of any rewards that might ensue. In the case of Wicked Enticements, an author very kindly showed evidence of how poorly the book was formatted, right down to having two of Tabetha’s bogus companies on the cover as the publisher even though one of them was supposed to be defunct at the time.  Check that post out HERE.

Very recently, one of the authors from Wicked Enticements asked if anybody has a hard copy, for legal reasons. I’m asking around about that. But, just in case nobody has a copy they’re willing to part with, I’m looking around to see if I can find it online. What I found is disturbing.

I’ve posted many times in the past how important it is for authors to google themselves and keep on top of any potential illicit sales or associations. And I’m suggesting it again today. The reason? Because Wicked Enticements is still out there.

On in America.

On Europe.
On Canada.
On Japan.
On France, they let you know that it’s out of stock but invite you to order it. Then, when it comes in, they’ll deliver it. I don’t know if you pay up front, but it bears consideration that it might be possible that money can still be generated from that title.
On Goodreads.

You get the idea.

On all of those sites, the book is listed as being out of stock and unavailable (except maybe in France. Not sure), but that’s not the whole point.

Authors that contributed work to that book have long since parted company with Tabetha Jones and want nothing to do with her. They don’t want to be associated with her in any way, shape, or form. Some of those people still pursue a career in writing, and the last thing they need is for their names to show up on such a failed product.

Yet there it is. Big as life. Years later. With all their names still on it.

That’s one of two things:
1) Either Tabetha’s too lazy to clean up her business and remove titles.
2) It’s her ultimate power play, her egotistical control over her victims by refusing to let them get away from her.

Those authors don’t want their names anywhere near hers. But by refusing to take old titles down, she can thumb her nose at them, perhaps trying to prove that once she’s got you, she never lets you go, and there’s nothing you can do about it.


In this case, perhaps it’s best that she’s either too lazy or sociopathic to take that listing down. As long as it remains, those authors have proof they can use against her.  So google away, kids. Find any information she refuses to take down about you and use it.

You’re welcome.

Tabetha Simpson returns

Aw. Look who’s so desperate for attention that she has to come trolling around here for it. That’s right, boys and girls. Tabetha Jones herself.
“It’s been a long time since I’ve said anything, but I think it’s time to break the silence. First, I knew nothing of your house until a few months ago,”


Two words. Bull and Shit.The very first words out of your moth are the typical lies the entire galaxy has come to recognize you for. Too many people have confirmed that you knew about my house when it happened, couldn’t stop cackling about it. And, even though the house has long since been rebuilt, here you are, denying it.

But, hey. Thanks for stopping by and supplying me with your latest IP.

“and I’ve had more going on than publishing or writing. You kinda ruined all that for me.”

Judging by the police reports and surveillance photos, we all have a pretty good idea what you’ve had going on. Or should I say ripping off? That’s more your style, isn’t it?

The only person that ruined “publishing” for you is YOU. If you could ever wrap your poor drug-addled brain around that, you might get somewhere. But you can’t. You can’t accept responsibility for what YOU did wrong. You can’t admit that YOU still owe authors royalties to this day, from as far back as Mystic Press. You can’t admit that YOU are at fault for the many terrible things you did to people that trusted you with their dreams, their hopes, and their hard work. They didn’t fail you. You failed them.

“I suppose no one has ever stopped and pondered the thought, that the reason I had no charges against me for the long list of fabulous lies conjured up by you all, is because it’s all bullshit.”

How stupid do you think people are? The only reason you had no charges against you was because you threatened them, both with your phoney magic bullshit or whatever man was handy – even if you had to make one up. Yet another lie that blew up in your face, just like the rest of them.

See, that’s the thing. To be a writer, you first have to be able to create a convincing fiction, one in which a reader can suspend belief and lose themselves for a time. You can’t even tell a convincing lie. Once upon a time, you were able to string people along with that sweet southern drawl and conforting platitudes, but those days are gone and buried. Now, you can’t even deny something as simple as knowing that my house burned down. Your decline would be sad if it weren’t so hard-earned.

It’s insulting that even now, long after you’ve been exposed for all of the crimes you committed against a myriad of people, you still try to victimize them by calling them liars for what YOU did to them.

I say TRY to victimize them, because you can’t anymore. They’ve outgrown you. In order to victimize people, you first have to have some power of ther them, and you don’t. They’ve moved on to much healthier things in their lives than you. Some have gone on to earn a good living in writing, despite what you did to them. Like my daughter. You remember her. She’s the one that got you on my radar after you scammed her, lied about it, and did your level best not to repay. You did eventually repay her, but there are still too many out there that will never see a dime from you.

But there is life after Tabetha Jones. Simpson. Whatever. Your prior victims husbands and boyfriends have discovered that, and so have your former victims authors. My daughter, for example, is currently working as a journalist, doing something that you can only dream of doing: earning a living with words.

Suck on that the next time you think you’ve won a single victory over your victims.

One way or another yours and others got butt hurt,
No. They didn’t get butt hurt. They got ripped off. Scammed. Lied to. Cheated. Threatened. Abused. By you. But those days are over, aren’t they? Too bad. So sad. Now you’ve got to find some other way of making a living, if you call what you’re doing living. Gee, maybe there’s some poor mentally disabled guy that’ll tolerate you beating him up for his social security check. Who knows?
didn’t like the end result of me not putting up with stupidity or whatever the case may have been, and that is all.
Wrong again, sweetheart. It was they who got tired of YOU. They finally called you out for not paying royalties, and they let the world know what kind of a publisher you were and what kind of person you are. You might have rooked them out of a few bucks, but they got the win. They put you out of business. Not me. Your victims did that. I’m just lucky that I got a front row seat for it.

If I was that grand of a criminal why didn’t I go to jail? Why did nothing but this sorry site come to be?

The only reason you never went to jail is twofold. First, the amounts you scammed people off for were sums too low to qualify for the legal attention you deserved. And Second, people were so badly abused by you that they were simply too sick of you to deal with you anymore. They were too far removed from you geographically to be able to travel to where you lived and follow through with charges.

You would have been in front of a judge back then if my daughter had followed through. We’re just close enough that she could have driven over and pressed charges personally. I would have gladly come with her. Hell, I’d have rented her a limo for the ride, just to see you in front of a judge. But, unlike you, she works for a living and couldn’t afford to take the time off. We can’t all lay around on our butts all day expecting the world to revolve around us. Out here in the real (sober) world, people work for their money. Try it sometime. I won’t say you might like it, but at least it would finally be an honest living.

Hey. I hear there’s a military base nearby. Maybe you could try selling pizzas to hungry soldiers. How hard could that be?

Besides, you did get charged, didn’t you? Not for what you did to authors, but for a different kind of theft, one more tangible. What was it, again? Renting a computer then claiming to the company that it was stolen? I wonder how something like that would be discovered. I wonder if a theif would be stupid (stoned?) enough to have the “stolen” merchandise sitting out in plain view when an officer came to take a report? That would be hilarious, wouldn’t it? Only a true moron would be that incredibly dumb.

And, judging by those surprisingly clear ATM photos, those might not be the only charges you face in your near future, are they? You were smiling for the camera, but somehow I don’t think you’re going to get the last laugh out of that one.

On a different note, sorry to hear about your house, but karma may be a slow moving train, but she destroys everything eventually to those that deserve.

And there it is. For all of your protestations of innocence, you just can’t help yourself. You’ve just GOT to get that jab in there, saying that I deserve to have my house burn down. Why? For exposing you? Even if that were true, it would be well worth it if not for the loss of life we suffered. But that doesn’t mean anything to you, does it? You don’t care in the slightest, do you? As long as you can get in that catty little dig, it’s all good in your slitted, bloodshot eyes. So very typical of you.
“Kisses from the Simpsons”
Save those kisses, sweets. Save ’em for when you’ve got to kiss the long-suffering Mister Simpson goodby when the law finally catches up with you. Save ’em for Bertha, your new bunk-mate when they finally send you to jail for all your sins. You might find that she’s a little harder to beat into submission than some poor slob that was unfortunate enough to get tangled up with you on the outside.  But you’ll find that out for yourself.
Because you’re right. Everybody rides that Karma Train, honey. Even you. And when that happens, I’ll be the first to throw darts at your mug shot. I imagine that dart board will be in high demand, after all the people you’ve left battered in your wake.

Keep smiling, sugar. Keep telling yourself that everybody in the world is wrong but you. Keep blaming everybody but yourself for whatever’s wrong with your life. Keep doing what you do and see where that gets you.

Or, better yet, just fuck off.

Here’s why you should always research your publisher.

Authors, it’s not just important, it’s imperative that you research your publisher before you sign on the dotted line. If you don’t, you could fall into the clutches of a scam publisher. They’re out there, poised to take advantage of your eagerness to publish, and to exploit your work to their own financial gain.

Like this one did:

Erotica publisher, author charged for manipulating book sales
Erotica publisher Jana Karetko is facing charges after altering her clients’ book sales reports and pocketing the stolen royalties. In some instances, she even inflated or exaggerated book sales to make the authors believe the novels were doing well or becoming bestsellers. Among the many thefts, she’s also accused of falsifying her income on a tax return and not filing returns for two consecutive years.

That sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?

She was arrested and charged Monday with five counts of money laundering, four counts of felony theft, nine counts of computer crime and three counts of tax evasion.

It’s been more than a year since I typed the words ‘Tabetha Jones’ in a blog post. I got sick of her taking up space in my head. I got sick of her headgames, her miserable, crooked treatment of authors. I got sick of HER.

But when I saw that article, it made me think.

I originally blogged about Tabetha because she scammed my kid, among many other authors. To date, my daughter is the only author I know of that Tabetha repaid. There are maybe dozens of others that were scammed through a multitude of bogus companies she owned (but never properly formed) like Mystic Press, Phoenix Fire Publishing, Sweete Sinz, et al, that were lied to, cheated, and have never been repaid. For their sake, I continued blogging about her and her shady dealings, to vindicate them and warn new would-be victims.

I last blogged about Tabetha, saying that as far as I knew, she wasn’t actively trying to publish anybody’s work but her own-but if I heard anything new, I’d report it.

Well, I can’t prove that she’s at it again (if she ever left off), but I have heard whispers about a whole flurry of new names, new bogus companies, new aliases, etc.

I’ve also heard rumors about her claiming that she and her “powers” are to blame for my house burning down last year, “karma” from her angels and guardians. Saying that’s why I don’t blog about her anymore, because I’ve finally been “put in my place” and that I’m too scared of her to dare.


As if she had the power to do anything but wipe her own ass.

An outlet shorted and lit up the sofa. End of story.

But it’s important to mention because if this is the sort of thing she’s telling people to frighten them into submission, it needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the light of day and exposed.

That’s the sort of thing she became infamous for, intimidating her victims, either with exaggerated tales of her imaginary powers, or threats from the men in her life (real or imagined. Like the fake and ill-fated Bo). Getting authors so afraid of her wrath that they wouldn’t dare question the ineptitude of her services or discrepancies in their (lack of) royalties. They just shy away, battered and bruised, some too traumatized to try to publish again.

That’s why, when the first brave souls stepped forward with horror stories, bloggers like Emily Suess, Janrae Frank, Erotic Romance and I spoke up. To warn new authors from falling victim.

I also urged her victims to report her to the authorities. The FBI. The IRS. Her local Attorney General. The District Attorney. That’s how the Colorado crook was caught. A victim turned her in to her local DA. Et voila. Come July 7th, she’ll stand in front of a judge to answer for it.

And now, seeing this article, I wish more of the victims I advocated for would have turned Tabetha in. All evidence indicates that she did exactly the same thing this woman from Colorado did. And if she’d been found guilty earlier on, it would have saved countless others from being victimized. Including any that might be in her clutches now.

If so inclined, I could chase her down and find out what, if any, new schemes she’s using to sucker new victims. But, truth be told, I don’t want to give her that much of my energy. She doesn’t deserve that much of my time. I’ve got a life to live, loved ones to dote on, and my own projects to finish.

There’s another reason I put that woman’s name on my tongue. One of Tabetha’s favorite tactics has historically been to sucker new authors victims in by saying “That was in the past!” “I’ve learned from my mistakes!” “Everybody deserves a second chance!”

No. She hasn’t and they don’t. After so many chances, so many victims left in her destructive wake, enough is enough. If you’ve heard these platitudes from your would-be publisher, run. Seriously. Run.

If you’re an author that’s been unfortunate enough to deal with Tabetha Willis/Saulters/Hoover/Jones/Simpson/whatever, I strongly urge you disentangle yourself from her and protect your work.

Always, ALWAYS research your publisher before you sign any contract. Make sure the company exists. Make sure it’s legit. Check watchdog sites like Writer Beware, Absolute Write water cooler. Google your publisher’s name to see if they show up on warning blogs like this one. If, like Jones (et al), they show up on multiple sites and blogs warning you about dealing with them, it’s probably a good idea to listen.

Ask the hard questions. If you don’t get the right answers, don’t let yourself be snowed. This is your work, your career, your name on the line. Don’t be shy or polite about protecting it.

Now, if it’s okay, I need to go shower to get that foul wretch’s stink off me. And meditate to get her out of my head. Distract myself with something pleasant. Like a cute and fluffy kitten named Brutus.

Ah, that’s better.

Take care, folks.

Thank You!

I promised that I would update you when there was anything new about Tabetha Jones and her sneaky dealings. Well, here you go. From Cindy Franks-White:

She had my 3 books in amazon markets, at astronomical prices. But thanks to someone with a brain at Amazon, finally, those ships have sunk. Yep, I have her publishing company/companies names removed along with her taint.

Any and ALL sales from any remaining 3rd party affiliates will revert to me, the REAL OWNER, of my works and my life. And within 5 days that won’t be an issue either, because anything linked to Tabetha Jones and any of her farce companes will be FLAGGED.

Yep, Amazon is launching an investigation into copyright infringement and theft of sales. I guess she can consider this a warning. After they figure out royalties owed, and now have proof, provided by Tabetha herself, unknowingly of course, there is the problem of her CONTINUED sales of my books. She seems to forget I kept all our conversations, and funny how a “go fuck yourself, I don’t need to be your publisher” and of course all the lies of how she removed said sales channels will now bite her in her massive ass.

And since NOTHING was published under a business name, but in her name into private accounts, well this goes beyond a civil matter it is now on the federal level. Any and ALL findings will be sent to all of the proper authorities.

She can move, jump ship, or whatever she thinks to hide that’s fine. Just a word to the wise..
Sooner or later we all pay the piper

I’ve said it for a long time, folks. They’re your stories. It’s your work. You need to take ownership of it back.

It’s WONDERFUL that so many of you have gone on to publish successfully, happily, without the drama and stress that was  Tabetha Jones. Nobody needs such a toxic person in their lives. Writing and publishing should be a joy, a fulfilling business. A labor of love.

But it’s not quite enough. As long as she still has access to any of your work, she still has her hand in your pocket. Ignore her as you might, she’s still in your life. You can ignore the blood-sucking, disease-ridden mosquito all you like, but it’s still going to drain you dry and inject you with its poison. You need to swat it, once and for all.

Cindy paved the way for you. Amazon has her flagged. Do yourselves a favor and follow in her footsteps. Contact Amazon and tell them about your association with Tabetha Jones as it relates to your work. Tell them everything you wrote that she “published” on her personal account so that, like Cindy’s, they can identify your work and your royalties can revert back to you. As it should be.

That includes anything you submitted to anthologies as well. You’re not with her anymore. You can force Amazon to pull any book on the market that has your work in it. It’s YOUR work, even if it’s part of a book to which others have contributed, and she doesn’t have the right to earn money from it anymore. Get the crook’s hand out of your pocket, at LAST.

Even if you do as I suggest and Google yourself, you still might not catch what’s going on with foreign markets. Your book could be fore sale in Japan, France, Italy, Spain, etc, and you’d never know it. Just like Cindy found out.

Only when you take care of your past work is yours again can your future work truly be free. Contact Amazon and take back your work. ALL of your work, whether it’s a full book, short story, poem, picture or anything else. Don’t let her earn another penny at your expense. Take back your work. Take back your power. Take back your past, present and future. It’s yours. Own it.

I often close out my posts by saying “You’re welcome” for the information I’ve passed along. This time, though, I’d like to bow and blow kisses in Cindy’s general direction and say…

I don’t care

A few minutes ago, a friend sent me the link to a new post by Tabetha Jones showcasing her appearances in vast and assorted vanity magazines, bragging about her burgeoning career as America’s next plus-size supermodel. In light of her new posts, I was asked if I was going to blog about it, and the answer is yes.

But not for the reason you think.

I’m blogging only to say that I DON’T CARE.

I don’t.

If she wants to roll around half-naked, publish pictures of herself in vanity magazines and call it a career, more power to her. I DON’T CARE. If she wants to strap on ballet slippers and try out for a remake of “Fantasia”  – I DON’T CARE. If she wants to dabble in finger paints and call herself Picasso, I DON’T CARE.

She can do any happy little thing she wants. And – you guessed it – I DON’T CARE.

When she starts publishing books illegally, THEN I’ll care. When she tries to pass herself off as a legal publishing company without taking the proper steps to make it legitimate, THEN I’ll care. When books penned by former authors victims go back on the market with herself listed as the publisher, THEN I’ll care. When she rips off yet more new authors victims, THEN I’ll care.

Yes. I still care about all of the people she’s hurt. But I’ve done all I can for them.
I’ve told them to remove their own books from Ingram, Smashwords and Createspace.
I’ve told them to publish their own works listing only themselves as authorized sellers.
I’ve told them how and where to report her for piracy.
I’ve told them everything I can about how to take their work out of her hands and protect themselves from any further victimization by her.
I’ve exposed all of her sneaky, greedy schemes.
It’s up to each and every one of those former authors to take the steps to protect themselves from her devious, scheming ways. And, yes. I can still say that, since so many books remain on Ceatespace – even if they are listed as unavailable. They should be removed so that “third party” sellers can’t access them. And as long as books remain available on foreign markets. Until or unless each author takes the necessary steps, they will continue to be victimized. There’s nothing I can do about it.

I’ve done all I can.

Whatever else miss Thang wants to do  with her life, I DON’T CARE. I do still feel very sorry for the one truly innocent victim that can’t walk away from her, but there’s nothing I can do about that, either. That’s up to the other parent involved, and if he’s not willing to step up and do something to help the one person he should love and protect more than anybode else on the planet, he’s got to live with that. I can pity that poor kid, but that’s it. That’s all I can do.

As far as authors victims go, the truth is out there.

Any new author that googles her will find out why they should run screaming. If they don’t do that, they’ll find out soon enough.

When she picks back up with the publishing scams, I’ll report it.
When she starts using yet another name, I’ll report that, too, so that it can be associated with her shady past.

Otherwise, I’ve got much better things to think about than that vile excuse for a human being. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

A decent proposal

Tabetha Jones likes money. I think we’ve pretty much established that. I like money, too. Hell, don’t we all? Sure we do.

What most of us DON’T do, however, is scam, cheat, steal and beg money out of other people and then abuse them relentlessly until they go away and stop asking for it back. She does, and keeps on doing it. And no. That’s not defamation. It remains the truth as long as there are Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire authors that are still unpaid. The statutes might have run out (which she callously celebrated right here on this blog) but moral obligation doesn’t. Nor does the fact that it happened in the first place.

I think it’s pretty clear that none of them will ever get paid. All they can do is move on with their lives and careers and be grateful that she didn’t stick ’em for more. That and make sure to protect their works, past and present, to make sure she can’t use them ever again. That’s what we’re still here on this blog for: to make sure to remind past victims to protect themselves, and to warn any new, potential victims to be careful.

But what is the best way to ensure that she doesn’t victimize any authors anymore? Easy. To keep her away from the publishing world.

Toward that end, I’ve got a suggestion for her. It’s not snarky or malicious in any way. It’s a straight-up honest suggestion that I hope she takes to heart.

She could start a foundation. It’s like creating a corporation, but requires the proper paperwork. With a foundation, she could conduct business as the proper, hardworking businesswoman she claims to be. With a foundation, she could help people instead of abusing them. She claims to want to help people, so a foundation would be the best way to do that.

Foundations are created for a specific purpose. This purpose is stated when the corporation is created, in the articles of incorporation. Charitable foundations can be created in the following categories:

There are a few more categories, but I doubt that she’d know very much about fostering international sports. I’m thinking her best bet would be education.

So, what purpose can she assign to her foundation in the area of education? Well, she goes goes on and on about how her father was a biker, right?  Whether it’s true or not, that gives her the perfect purpose for her foundation.

A family foundation is usually created in a family member’s name. She could create the Larry Willis foundation for… something motorcycle related. To educate women who want to learn to ride their own. To provide educational materials that teach the public about being aware of biker safety in traffic. Or the need for helmet safety. Or whatever subject she can think of that would best serve the biker community in her area.

There are a lot of people that she could benefit, legitimately, if that’s truly what she wants to have happen as a result of her actions.

Many, if not most, foundations are charities with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. That means that anything she spends in the creation and maintenance of said foundation is tax-deductible, including incorporation fees, any trips she takes on foundation business (transportation, lodging, meals, etc), materials, a portion of her rent… the possibilities are endless. If she buys a paper clip to secure foundation papers, she can write it off. And then get them back as tax returns.

Foundations generally get funded by donations which those donating can then write off as charitable donations. Those funds are then granted to benefit the people and/or organizations cited in the articles of incorporation, whether it’s those burgeoning biker babes, or whatever other educational materials or services she decides to provide. And she gets an ongoing paycheck.

So, in short:

Her benefactors get to write off their contributions.
People get helped.
She and her foundation executives draw salaries.
And she gets to carry on  the legacy of Larry Willis. It’s a win for everyone involved.

The only catch is that there are taxes to be paid and paperwork to be managed. But I personally think that she could handle it if she put her mind to it. She’s definitely got the gift for gab, no small measure of charm, she knows a lot of people who could be potential donors, and without any other day job, she’s got the time to dedicate to running a foundation.

On top of all that, she gets to redeem her name to the public.

I think it’s a perfect fit. I hope she does too.