Heard’s crazy Depp video

At last! Here’s the ace Amber Heard’s been hiding up her sleeve. The video of Johnny that she promised would PROVE that he’s got a violent temper and seal the deal for her. The video got “leaked” to TMZ. I guess after her ridiculous behavior at the deposition she didn’t give last weekend, she felt she needed to drop a bombshell to sway the public’s opinion in her favor. (I didn’t say back in her favor because I don’t think she’s had the public’s favor yet over this whole thing.)

I gotta tell ya, I can’t WAIT to tear this thing apart. So much so that I’m doubling down on posts today.

The video is below, but first, let me describe it.

The video starts with Johnny kicking a kitchen cabinet, shouting “MOTHERF-ER!” repeatedly.

Heard, holding a travel mug in front of the phone so he won’t see it, asks “What happened?” Johnny walks away.

When Johnny walks back into the kitchen nowhere near her, Heard positions herself in front of the camera so he won’t see it. Clearly, she is filming him without his knowledge or consent. She ask him again, “What happened?”

He slams a few kitchen cabinets around, breaking something, then wanders back out of sight.

Heard says “Nothing happened this morning. You know that.” Something smashes.

Johnny asks: “Were you here?”

Heard answers: “No.”

Johnny replies: “So then nothing happened TO YOU this morning.”

Heard answers back: “Yeah, you’re right. I just woke up and you were still asleep, so…”

Johnny walks back into view, into the kitchen, fetches a glass and walks back out of frame again.

Amber continues: “We weren’t even fighting this morning. All I did was say sorry.”

Johnny comes back into the kitchen area and tries to get the subject back on track by asking “Did something happen TO YOU this morning? I don’t think so.” And walks back out again.

Heard moves the phone to try to keep Johnny in sight more.

Johnny, not noticing the phone yet, walks toward the counter where she’s standing and reaches for a bottle of wine. Heard quickly puts her cup in front of the phone so Johnny won’t see it.

Pouring himself a drink, johnny says: “You want to see crazy? I’ll give you crazy. Here’s crazy. Oh, you’re crazy.” He pours himself a drink. “There’s your crazy.” He puts the bottle down hard.

Heard points at the bottle and asks: “Have you drunk this whole thing this morning?”

That’s when Johnny notices the phone. “Oh, you’ve got this thing running?”

Amber stammers: “I just started it.”

Johnny snatches up the phone, saying: “Oh, really? Really?” And throws it.

Here’s the video.

And my take on it:

Johnny was obviously pissed off about something that happened when she wasn’t home that morning. She took advantage of the moment, planted the camera and inserted her own self-serving comments to manipulate his anger about something unrelated so that she could paint herself as the victim.

Heard tries to put fear into her voice, to play victim, but look at her actions. Never once does she shy away from him. Quite the opposite. When he approaches, she puts herself in front of the camera, to hide it.

And never once does she run out, the poor, frightenend victim of his rage. Instead, she stands with her hip cocked and a travel mug held casually in her hand.

All she managed to prove is that even when he’s angry enough to slam kitchen cabinets, HE DIDN’T TOUCH HER. He didn’t swear at her. He didn’t lift a pinky toward her. All he did was insist that NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER, clearly trying to tell her that he was pissed about something that had nothing to do with her.

Even when he discovered that she was recording him, he didn’t make any aggressive action towards her. He reached PAST her and snatched up the phone.

Several questions leap to mind.
If she was so afraid of him, why didn’t she leave when she saw that he was in such a rage?
Why didn’t she call the police on the spot?
Why didn’t she leave him, right then and there?
Why has it taken so long for this “devastating” video to see the light of day, unless she was holding it until it could fetch her a higher settlement?

Sorry to tell her, but she falls short, yet again.

All she managed to do with this “damning” video is prove that HE DIDN’T ABUSE HER.

Good job!


Amber Heard, she-say/she-say

Ohhh. That’s why we haven’t heard what Amber Heard said at her deposition last weekend. Because she didn’t say anything.

Heard showed up an hour and a half (more?) late to the depostion, then didn’t give one.

SHE says that estranged husband’s lawyers didn’t take a deposition from her. Kept her there for 9 hours and never asked her a thing. The rudeness!

But paperwork filed by Depp’s lawyers maintains that Heard refused to come out of an adjoining office. Heard is described as “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others, appearing manic and irrational.” Depp’s lawyers claim that Amber’s counsel tried to reason with her throughout the day. Unsuccessfully, apparently.

So. Heard couldn’t put off the deposition any longer, but still got out of testifying.

For now.

The hearing on Heard’s accusations against Depp for domestic violence has now been scheduled for August 17th. Depp’s legal team is expected to call as many as 23 witnesses to testify on his behalf, including Depp’s former long-time love Vanessa Paradis, the two officers that responded to neighbor Oi Tillet Wright’s 911 call (and found no evidence of any crime), Hilda Vargas (Heard and Depp’s) housekeeper, who will give evidence about a surprise discovery made in the couple’s home back in April. I can’t wait to hear what that was! The anticipation!

Interestingly, Heard’s publicist Jodi Gottleib is on JOHNNY’S list of witnesses.

Heard’s legal team plans to call 7 witnesses, including Johnny Depp himself as a hostile witness. They also plan to introduce such evidence as testimony from people who will detail abuse claims that Heard described to them, and a picture of Heard holding a bottle of pills back in 2014 that she says she took because of being abused.

I wonder whatever happened to the video Heard promised to produce PROVING that Johnny abused her. That hasn’t been brought up lately, has it? Hmmm. I wonder why.

Basically, it looks like Heard’s got a whole lot of evidence she SAYS comes from being abused. Not one single shred of actual proof that she really was.

If Heard wins, the restraining order against Depp can be extended up to 5 years. If Depp wins, the restraining order is dismissed.

Most likely, the findings from this hearing will impact hugely upon the final figures of the divorce settlement. If, as I suspect, Heard’s ‘evidence’ falls flat and the judge sends her and her restraining order packing, she’ll get much less out of him.

Let’s not forget that she an only ask for half of what he earned during their marriage – not their entire relationship. And, from whatever Johnny earned DURING THAT 15 MONTHS ONLY, any expenses he paid will be deducted. That means that if he earned 10 million, but paid 10 million on their homes, cars, vacations, insurance, her clothes, jewelry, shopping sprees, etc, then she gets nothing from him. Nada. Zip.

Heard seems to me to be a pretty high maintenance kind of girl, so it’s extremely possible that Depp spent MORE on her upkeep during their marriage than he earned during that period. He’s got quite a lot of money from his career before he met her, but remember, she can only count what he earned during the actual marriage. The time they were together before that don’t count. She can’t touch it.

For all her hard work, for that five years spent on her back, Heard could walk away without a dime.

And, if Heard’s claims aren’t upheld, Depp could turn around and sue her ass for defamation of character. He could win damages against her.

Johnny’s too much of a gentleman to do that, but me, I’d call it Karma if he did.
A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday, Aug. 9,

Heard still not deposed

That’s why we haven’t  heard about Amber Heard’s deposition. She still hasn’t given one. She showed up an hour and a half late, then sat around in another room while the lawyers tried to hash out some sort of settlement instead.

It didn’t work.

Heard left without being placed under oath or making any formal statement at all.

She still has a restraining order out against estrange husband Johnny Depp.
Personally, I don’t think she needs to bother with one. I can’t think of a single reason Depp would want to go anywhere near her. She tried to frame him for domestic abuse, hooked back up with her wife, is hanging around in exotic places with some other guy, and continues to tie up legal proceedings because, apparently, she’s not seeing numbers she likes. Why in the world would he want to occupy the same air space as the hag that’s making his life so miserable?

How many millions does she need from Depp when she reportedly already has hooks cast out to try to snag billionaire Elon Musk. Compared to that guy, Depp is a relative pauper. If it’s money she’s after, she needs to cut Johnny loose, polish off her claws and concentrate on sinking them into her next mark.

Amber Heard, too little, too late

Amber Heard showed up more than an hour late for her deposition in her case against estranged Johnny Depp. Maybe she caught wind of the juggernaut team of attorneys waiting for her. Maybe she needed a little extra time to scrub her glamour-puss. Maybe she needed the time to paint on fresh bruises. Maybe she couldn’t bother to get out of bed-whoever’s sharing it with her these days.

Heard has delayed giving her deposition as long as she could, citing conflicts with her work schedule. Finally, though, she had to climb in the hot seat.
But not on time.

Evidently, Miss Thang seems to think that the entire world, including the legal system, revolves around her. She showed up more than an hour late, sporting her customary schoolmarm-at-a-funeral garb (including the same ugly black shoes she wore to meet with her wife recently) and lack of glamour grooming. Every trying to appear as the poor put-upon victim, purposely rolling up her sleeve to draw attention to fresh bruises on her arm.
Dressing down: She wore a white blouse buttoned up to her neck, an ankle-length black skirt and peep-toe shoes for the deposition
If you watch the first video of Heard arriving (late) at the deposition on the Daily Mail UK site, you’ll see that she does her best to keep up the somber victim act. But, poor actress that she is, she drops the facade and smirks when one of the photogs asks her “How do you feel about the people that don’t believe that Johnny beat you?” Her expression is snarky an vindictive, not sad and hurt, as a true victim would be. Rather, she betrays herself as being childish and vengeful, seeming to express that she’ll show them, and Johnny, and their little dog, too.

Look for the  question and the smirk at about the 25 second mark.
It looks something like this:

In my opinion, nothing about her backs up her claims of being abused. It seems, instead, like she’s the abusive one, manipulative and greedy. For Johnny’s money, for sympathy, and for whatever attention she can get.

Is she going to blame Johnny for those marks on her arm, too? Or is she going after some new sucker? Watch out Elon Musk. If she’ll do it to Johnny, she’ll do it to you, too.
Or maybe these bruises come from tussling with her wife. Heard was arrested for hitting wife Tasya Van Ree in the past. Maybe they just like it rough.

There’s no word yet on what was said or settled at the deposition. When it comes to light, I’ll doubtless have something to say about it.

Glory Road.

Somebody’s been tiptoeing through some of this blogs greatest hits, including The Bare  Truth, posts about Destiny Rane and Dark Storm publishing, and Silver Fang, many of the assorted versions of the fraudulent Sweete SinzMystic Press and Phoenix Fire publishing “companies.”
I wonder. Is it somebody new, googling to research a potential publisher? That’s why it’s all still here. So that anybody that considers working with a scam can do a google and get the facts.

Is it somebody’s lawyer, putting together a long-promised law “suite” to sue our “ads” off? The mind boggles at the possibilities.

But ye olde stat counter shows that the majority of hits are coming from Texas, so it’s more likely that it’s a resident troll reliving the glory days when she reveled in the attention she used to get from people finally daring to tell the truth.

Or maybe a boyfriend who’s finally coming to his senses. It’s taken this one some time, but maybe he’s finally catching on. For his sake, one can hope.

Heard running out of road

Amber Heard is complaining that Johnny Depp is trying to stall the divorce proceedings. She and her lawyer have filed court documents this week alleging that the Pirates star is delaying the inevitable.

The reason she’s complaining?  Because Depp has requested court ordered non-disclosure on every aspect of the proceedings, meaning that Heard can’t flap her gums about Johnny’s finances, any documents filed during the divorce, and how much she does (or doesn’t) get out of him. And if she does leak anything, she’ll face a %100,000 fine for each incident. That means that she can’t “leak” any information to the process without having it hit her where she lives: in the wallet. No more pissing and moaning about him in the press to garner sympathy and jockey for a higher payday, or it’ll cost her.

Personally, I think that’s a smart move on Depp’s part.

What I really think is bothering Heard is that she’s about to be deposed. She’ll finally have to back up her accusations that Depp physically abused her. Until now, she’s been able to get by with dubious photos of (possibly) painted-on bruises, emotionally manipulated testimony from people that weren’t even there, and just because she said so. Now, she’ll be forced to put up or shut up.

While Heard complains that Depp is stalling for time, Heard herself has delayed having to give her deposition more than once by sniggling over paperwork and then by claiming that she can’t be deposed because it would conflict with her work schedule.
Sooner or later, though, she’s going to run out of ways to put it off. Much as she’d like to get everything her way, she’s eventually going to have to give that deposition, and she’s going to have to prove her allegations.

Like with any fraud that’s forced to substantiate their fabricated accusations, I don’t think she’ll be able to prove Jack Squat. My money says that she’ll demur, abandoning the allegations, claiming:
1) that she just wants it over with
2) that it’s too painful to revisit
3) that she doesn’t want to damage his career because she still cares about him
4) that some kind of technical difficulty occurred and the proof is gone

or, like most con artists, by trying to redirect attention somewhere else. I wouldn’t put it past her to come up with some new injury to get out of it. Some dramatic new illness, like fainting from starving herself (the DRAMA!)
Or a traffic accident (PITY PARTY!)
Or a stalker that forces her to hide out, or even attacks her ( the HORROR!)
presenting herself as a(n ongoing) victim to dodge the fact that she doesn’t have any proof to offer to back up her allegations. Playing the victim to avoid proving that she’s a victim.

We’ve seen the type before, haven’t we? Smoke and mirrors when facts are called for.

I’m sitting here with a tub of popcorn waiting to see what she comes up with to get out of it. She’s got a flair for the pitifully dramatic, but she hasn’t exactly displayed a dazzling gift for imagination or execution. So far, everything she’s tried  has fallen flat. Screaming “Stop hitting me!” when he’s nowhere near her. Claiming that he hit her and tore up the house, while first responders don’t find any evidence of injury or struggle. Not a rocket scientist, she.

As of right now, her deposition is set for the weekend of August 6th. We’ll just have to see what she comes up with to get out of it.

Whatever she cooks up, I’m sure it’ll be amusing in a train wreck kind of way.

Even more amusing would be if she can’t put it off anymore, can’t back up her claims, and gets yanked back on her chain for it. I would LOVE to see her charged with filing a false report, lying to the police, wasting first responders’ time and resources. And I’d love to see her slapped with defamation charges. Scamming gold-digger, meet Karma.

I’ll be over here like:

Weak leaks

It looks like Amber Heard needs to shift attention away from the fact that she’s been spotted hanging out with her wife. Now, rumors are spiraling that Heard is dating Tesla billionaire Elon Musk.
Elon Musk Amber Heard DatingWitnesses have spotted Heard coming and going from a Florida hotel suite leased to Musk.

It’s one of three things. Either:

1) Heard is leaking this “news” about her dating Elon Musk in order to cloud the fact that she’s back in her wife’s arms. What better way to do that than to show that she’s dating somebody else all together? And a MAN, at that. Cast attention as far away from her (obviously female) wife.
2) Heard really is dating Musk. Traded a measly millionaire like Depp in for an even bigger payday with a billionaire like Musk. Ever the gold-digger, on to bigger and better rewards. If so, she’d better get ’em in while she can. She’s not getting any younger. A pretty face and lithe, supple body only last so long before the ravages of time start to take a toll.
3) It’s pure fiction, fabricated by the tabloids to keep Heard’s name in the headlines and sell magazines.

Given Heard’s penchant for manipulating the press in order to further her own agenda, I find it highly doubtful that she’s the innocent victim of… well, anything.

Musk’s reps have rushed to insist that there’s nothing going on. Sure, the suite was leased to him, but he wasn’t in it. He had rented out a bungalow instead, and just let Heard (and her sister) use the suite so that they could have access to the hotel’s services, including the pool. He was busy at a rocket expo. No time for a romp with the lovely Heard.

My money says that, no matter which version of the story is true, Heard is far from the poor Bambi-in-headlights bystander she might want to appear as. I maintain my opinion that Heard only courted (even wed) Depp to get money to finance her future together with her wife, whom she loves dearly.

Given Heard’s shady shenanigans, it would take an act of extreme   import to make me believe otherwise.