Heard Depp drama’s over

Amber Heard tried.

She did everything she could think of to set Johnny Depp up to take a fall to the tune of millions. Probably from the moment she saw the first spark of interest in Johnny’s eyes, she probably schemed to get every red cent possible out of him.

She put her wife on the back burner.
She wiggled her way into his bed.
She even got a ring on his finger.

And, the whole time, she was setting him up.

She was whispering sob stories of abuse into any sympathetic ear that would listen, until she finally hit the jackpot in Oi Tillett Wright. Originally a friend of Johnny’s, claiming care about him like a brother, Wright ended up being Heard’s biggest champion. Wright’s the one that called the police that fateful night after Heard ran screaming that Johnny had abused her.

Was Wright simply a kind, sympathetic pawn? Did Heard flirt her way into Wright’s fondest graces? We may never know.

At the same time as orchestrating the perfect witness in Wright, Heard was laying other avenues of groundwork as well. She saw doctors, hinting at abuse, being prescribed medication that she took pictures of herself with to prove the history of abuse.

And all the while bedding Depp, smiling in his face and wrapping her legs around his back. Feeling with her heels for the best spot to plant the knife in his back. Posing for the cameras and spending his money. Enjoying the fame that comes with danging on Johnny Depp’s arm and jockeying for roles she might not have gotten otherwise.

She went for it after Wright called the cops, accusing Johnny of abuse and taking to the world’s stage playing the role of victim. Showing up at court with (painted on?) bruises on her face that witnesses asserted weren’t there before and after the public display in front of the courthouse.

Every time she tried to pull ahead in the poll of public opinion, she fell flat. With not a single shred of evidence, and burdened with a history of being arrested for committing domestic abuse herself, Heard was simply never believable.

She gave it one last show, leaking that video of Johnny slamming cabinets around in his apartment. That, I’m sure, was supposed to be the coup de grace, Johnny’s downfall.


The video only proved to be an obvious attempt to distract the public eye away from her disastrous deposition. The one at which she was asked to explain why two cops, 5 concierges, building tenants and everybody else close to the couple never saw a single shred of evidence of abuse. Not even on the night of Wright’s 911 call. She couldn’t explain it, and didn’t even really try. I guess she thought that the public, lawyers, judge and jury would believe her sob stories just because she’s a pretty girl.

Sorry, kid. Doesn’t work that way. Not this time.

After the video failed miserably, Heard folded like a house of cards. She withdrew her claims of abuse and settled for 7 million to walk away.

Just like that, it’s over.

At one point in the drama, Depp had offered an 8 million dollar settlement, but that was rejected. Heard probably thought she could get a lot more for playing victim. He’s worth over $400 million, after all. She probably thought she was entitled to at least double digits for all the work she put in. For pretending to be straight all that time.  For bedding a (smoking? drinking?) guy twice her age that she probably never found sexually attractive at all. She’s gay, remember, married to a woman since 2008 – and that legal domestic partnership was never resolved. Just imagine how many faked orgasms went into keeping Johnny happy all that time.

She WORKED for that money, damn it!

But, in the end, she gave it up and settled for a discounted offer, a million less than the offer she rejected earlier on.

That’s probably the smartest move she’s made yet. Take the money and run.

I’m sure that if Johnny wanted to, he could pursue her for false accusations and defamation of character. But he’s too much of a gent to do that, and I’m sure he’ll be glad just to get rid of her. I can’t say I blame him.

In a statement, Heard promises  to donate proceedings of the settlement to charity. She fails to mention how much or which charity, however.

Buck and a half in a Salvation Army red bucket is my guess.


Amber Heard, too little, too late

Amber Heard showed up more than an hour late for her deposition in her case against estranged Johnny Depp. Maybe she caught wind of the juggernaut team of attorneys waiting for her. Maybe she needed a little extra time to scrub her glamour-puss. Maybe she needed the time to paint on fresh bruises. Maybe she couldn’t bother to get out of bed-whoever’s sharing it with her these days.

Heard has delayed giving her deposition as long as she could, citing conflicts with her work schedule. Finally, though, she had to climb in the hot seat.
But not on time.

Evidently, Miss Thang seems to think that the entire world, including the legal system, revolves around her. She showed up more than an hour late, sporting her customary schoolmarm-at-a-funeral garb (including the same ugly black shoes she wore to meet with her wife recently) and lack of glamour grooming. Every trying to appear as the poor put-upon victim, purposely rolling up her sleeve to draw attention to fresh bruises on her arm.
Dressing down: She wore a white blouse buttoned up to her neck, an ankle-length black skirt and peep-toe shoes for the deposition
If you watch the first video of Heard arriving (late) at the deposition on the Daily Mail UK site, you’ll see that she does her best to keep up the somber victim act. But, poor actress that she is, she drops the facade and smirks when one of the photogs asks her “How do you feel about the people that don’t believe that Johnny beat you?” Her expression is snarky an vindictive, not sad and hurt, as a true victim would be. Rather, she betrays herself as being childish and vengeful, seeming to express that she’ll show them, and Johnny, and their little dog, too.

Look for the  question and the smirk at about the 25 second mark.
It looks something like this:

In my opinion, nothing about her backs up her claims of being abused. It seems, instead, like she’s the abusive one, manipulative and greedy. For Johnny’s money, for sympathy, and for whatever attention she can get.

Is she going to blame Johnny for those marks on her arm, too? Or is she going after some new sucker? Watch out Elon Musk. If she’ll do it to Johnny, she’ll do it to you, too.
Or maybe these bruises come from tussling with her wife. Heard was arrested for hitting wife Tasya Van Ree in the past. Maybe they just like it rough.

There’s no word yet on what was said or settled at the deposition. When it comes to light, I’ll doubtless have something to say about it.

Heard running out of road

Amber Heard is complaining that Johnny Depp is trying to stall the divorce proceedings. She and her lawyer have filed court documents this week alleging that the Pirates star is delaying the inevitable.

The reason she’s complaining?  Because Depp has requested court ordered non-disclosure on every aspect of the proceedings, meaning that Heard can’t flap her gums about Johnny’s finances, any documents filed during the divorce, and how much she does (or doesn’t) get out of him. And if she does leak anything, she’ll face a %100,000 fine for each incident. That means that she can’t “leak” any information to the process without having it hit her where she lives: in the wallet. No more pissing and moaning about him in the press to garner sympathy and jockey for a higher payday, or it’ll cost her.

Personally, I think that’s a smart move on Depp’s part.

What I really think is bothering Heard is that she’s about to be deposed. She’ll finally have to back up her accusations that Depp physically abused her. Until now, she’s been able to get by with dubious photos of (possibly) painted-on bruises, emotionally manipulated testimony from people that weren’t even there, and just because she said so. Now, she’ll be forced to put up or shut up.

While Heard complains that Depp is stalling for time, Heard herself has delayed having to give her deposition more than once by sniggling over paperwork and then by claiming that she can’t be deposed because it would conflict with her work schedule.
Sooner or later, though, she’s going to run out of ways to put it off. Much as she’d like to get everything her way, she’s eventually going to have to give that deposition, and she’s going to have to prove her allegations.

Like with any fraud that’s forced to substantiate their fabricated accusations, I don’t think she’ll be able to prove Jack Squat. My money says that she’ll demur, abandoning the allegations, claiming:
1) that she just wants it over with
2) that it’s too painful to revisit
3) that she doesn’t want to damage his career because she still cares about him
4) that some kind of technical difficulty occurred and the proof is gone

or, like most con artists, by trying to redirect attention somewhere else. I wouldn’t put it past her to come up with some new injury to get out of it. Some dramatic new illness, like fainting from starving herself (the DRAMA!)
Or a traffic accident (PITY PARTY!)
Or a stalker that forces her to hide out, or even attacks her ( the HORROR!)
presenting herself as a(n ongoing) victim to dodge the fact that she doesn’t have any proof to offer to back up her allegations. Playing the victim to avoid proving that she’s a victim.

We’ve seen the type before, haven’t we? Smoke and mirrors when facts are called for.

I’m sitting here with a tub of popcorn waiting to see what she comes up with to get out of it. She’s got a flair for the pitifully dramatic, but she hasn’t exactly displayed a dazzling gift for imagination or execution. So far, everything she’s tried  has fallen flat. Screaming “Stop hitting me!” when he’s nowhere near her. Claiming that he hit her and tore up the house, while first responders don’t find any evidence of injury or struggle. Not a rocket scientist, she.

As of right now, her deposition is set for the weekend of August 6th. We’ll just have to see what she comes up with to get out of it.

Whatever she cooks up, I’m sure it’ll be amusing in a train wreck kind of way.

Even more amusing would be if she can’t put it off anymore, can’t back up her claims, and gets yanked back on her chain for it. I would LOVE to see her charged with filing a false report, lying to the police, wasting first responders’ time and resources. And I’d love to see her slapped with defamation charges. Scamming gold-digger, meet Karma.

I’ll be over here like:

Diggin’ for gold

Johnny Depp has requested confidentiality in his ongoing divorce proceedings from ex wife Amber Heard. According to his request, Heard previously agreed to maintain privacy, but has refused to sign anything to that effect, and has repeatedly pandered to the press.

Well, of course she is. The worse Heard can make Depp look in the court of public opinion, the more money she can wring out of him. Duh.

Included in the statement, Heard is digging around for every bit of gold she can, nosing around in Johnny’s finances from before she came along, and after she left him. According to California state law, she might be entitled to any assets the couple accrued during their marriage. That’s it. She can’t touch anything he earned before they wed, or after they split. But she’s poking around, requesting financial information from before they got married. And she’s curious about his finances from his current tour with The Hollywood Vampires, Johnny’s band with Alice Cooper and (Aerosith’s) Joe Perry.

It seems Heard is also trying to acquire financial information fro Depp’s band-mates. Probably to find out how much they earned in a bid to find out how much Depp has earned. The greedy gold-digger has no right whatsoever to find out what they earned, or what Depp has earned from the band. Their tour started after her split from him. It’s simply none of her business. But that’s not stopping her from digging around.

With a confidentiality order in pace, it’s likely that we’ll never know the details of whatever settlement they reach. But I can see Johnny paying her more than she’s worth just to get rid of her. I don’t blame him, to a degree. It’s completely understandable to want to be rid of such a toxic, manipulative shrew. Nobody needs that shit.

At the same time, I’d like to see Johnny stand up and force her hand. Make her prove those allegations of spousal abuse. Make her settle for exactly what she’s entitled to, and not a penny more. Chances are good that with an accounting of their combined earnings and expenditures during the 15 months of their marriage, she wouldn’t walk away with much.

That, in my opinion, would be justice.

If she had proof of abuse, he’d already be in jail. Ergo, she doesn’t have squat.

It would be glorious if she walked away with nothing. She spent years whoring herself out to him, maneuvering herself into a marriage with him, all in order to walk away with a major payday to finance her future with her wife, Taysa Van Ree. I would personally LOVE to see the gold-digger walk away with nothing for all her effort.

But not everybody has the constitution to wage a battle like that. He’ll probably pay her to make her go away so that he can move forward with his life.

I only hope that his future brightens up. Drunk(?), stoned(?), wasted(?) and playing band is well and good for a teenager. For a 50-something who isn’t actually a rock star, it just smacks of pathetic. A little time knocked for a loop following the death of his beloved mother and such a reprehensible divorce is to be understood. But only briefly. He needs to shake it off. He needs to act his age.

And bitterness doesn’t look good on anybody.

I hope he dries out, sobers up, pulls his bitter head out of his miserable ass, and sets his feet upon a healthier path. Every day he wallows in self-pity is a victory for his ex. I’d hate to see him hand her that on an ongoing basis.


Getting your beloved’s name tattooed on you is never a good idea. Johnny Depp should have learned that lesson after his split from Winona Ryder. Instead of Winona forever, that tat now reads “Wino.”

But, no. He had to go and tattoo his nickname for (soon to be ex wife) Amber Heard on his knuckles. SLIM.

Well, now, thanks to the beauty of divorce – one that everybody but Depp saw coming – he’s changed yet another set of inked words on his body. His knuckles now read SCUM.
But how do you really feel, Johnny?

He also got a clunky, awkward cover over a pinup tat that, I guess, was supposed to look like his ex.

I feel kinda bad for whoever he hooks up with next. That poor girl will have to be reminded of his history of failed relationships every time she looks at him. Sure, everybody’s got a past, but most people don’t wear it around like a shroud.

I like a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s kind of sweet to see a guy not shy away from declaring his love to the world. But tattooed all over his body? Kiss of death, dude. Kiss of death.

I hope his next love is the right one, the one that heals him.
I hope that if he’s drinking, he stops.
I hope that he can get his career back on track.
I hope he gets happier covers on his exes’ ink.
And, I’m sorry to say it, but I hope he does some sit-ups. Dude still looks bloated and generally unhealthy. Life’s too short as it is, without falling apart at his place on the path.
There’s a lot of time left. Too much to throw away carelessly.
I hope he learns to live it happy and well.

Wearing thin

Accusing Johnny Depp of abusing her didn’t work.
(Painting fake?) bruises on her face didn’t work.
Retracting her request for 50 grand a month didn’t work.
Getting her friends to stick up for her didn’t work.

There’s just nothing Amber Heard can do to make Johnny Depp look like a monster.

So now the story is that Heard is so stress ed out that she can’t eat. People will HAVE to believe that Johnny’s a bad guy if she skips a few meals and starts wearing double zeroes instead of size 1. I mean, if she punishes herself. HE’S got to be the bad guy, right?


No matter how she spins it, she just can’t weave credibility into her web. It’s far too flimsy, and she’s just not going to snag Johnny in it. Nobody believes a word she says, and no matter how many pounds she loses, that’s not going to change. She just doesn’t come across as genuine. She tries too hard. No matter how hard she tries for sympathy, all she manages is to look like a petulant child who’s pissed off that she’s not getting her way.

I do feel sorry for Johnny, to a point. He should have seen this coming. The rest of us did. Still, no man deserves to be accused of abusing a woman if he didn’t. That’s a bitch move.

The person I continue to feel the worst for is iO Tillett Wright. A former friend of Johnny’s, who described him lovingly as a brother, Wright has been trapped in what I believe to be a network of fabricated abuse allegations, having her sympathies played like a violin by a greedy, treacherous gold digger.

We’ve seen it before. A kind-hearted, sympathetic friend manipulated into defending a calculated wretch whose story can’t hold water on its own. Then the friend is heartbroken upon finding out that s/he’s been manipulated, used and betrayed. S/he’s nothing more to the “friend” they defended than collateral damage, left at the curb like so much garbage.

First heard goes for the balls by accusing him of abuse, sports now-you-see-them, now-you-don’t “bruises” and jockeys for position any way she can think of to try to come out on top in her divorce from Depp. It’s not going to work. No matter what she says or does, he’s still going to be Johnny Depp, and she’s still going to be the scheming, gold-digging ex that tried to rake him through the mud.

She could still come back from this. She could drop the drama, stop accusing him of things he didn’t do, and simply sign the divorce. She’ll get her multi-millions, then she can move back in with her girlfriend and live in the lap of luxury. Case closed.

But I don’t see that happening. Despite appearances, a greedy drama queen is an ugly thing. Worst of all, it’s too stupid to know when to stop. The greediest liars don’t give up until they’re forced to. They think that one more lie, one more manipulation, one more sob story will pay off. They think that if they keep up the farce, it will miraculously become the truth. They’re so far gone down the road of lies and manipulation that there’s no turning back. Not until somebody shoots the air out of the tires.

What I think Heard fails to realize is that she’s trying to gain the sympathy of a broad public that will probably not earn in a year the kind of spousal support she wants for a month. She whines that she can’t live on “just” 10 thousand dollars a month? Yeah. Not feeling sorry for her. She claims that her request for support is being used to deflect attention away from the more important issue of domestic abuse.

No. It’s not. Her request for 50 thousand dollars a month (because a mere 10 grand just isn’t enough, whimper, whimper) is a thing because SHE asked for it. SHE made a mockery of herself by acting like a spoiled, pampered brat that has absolutely nothing in common with the masses she’s trying to win over with her sob stories. She can’t blame the media for that, or Johnny, or us. She did that all by herself. She needs to eat that.

As for those allegations of domestic abuse… again, no.

We’re not going to believe that Johnny abused her, because we’ve known him longer than she has. And by we, I’m including his ex wife, the mother of his children, his children, his friends… pretty much everybody but Heard.

She needs to just stop. She needs to grow up. And she needs to eat a cheeseburger. Nobody’s going to buy this wilting violet act any more than they bought the poor little battered wife act.

The time for so much stress that she couldn’t eat would have been during the (alleged) abuse. When (she says) it was going on. Not now, when her story doesn’t add up. She’s a day late and a dollar short for some desperate, last-ditch damsel-in-distress act. It doesn’t wash.

Amber, hon. Give it up. Take your millions and do us all a favor. Just go away.

Baby Bombshell?

There are rumors floating around now that Amber Heard might be pregnant. This one’s sketchy. In none of her statements did Heard say anything about fearing for the life of her baby. Only herself.

If that’s the case, not only will Johnny never see the end of her, she’ll have the rest of that kid’s natural life to suck Johnny dry financially and yank his emotional chains forever. Johnny is a wonderful father. His kids are his life. If he has a child by someone who is so emotionally manipulative, it would be lifelong torture for him. Battles about visitations, with the kid being used as a power play against him. It would be hell.

I hope for his sake that she’s not pregnant by him. I really do. Nobody deserves a life sentence to somebody who, by all accounts is after nothing but money. I mean, if she just wanted away from him because she fears for her safety so much, she’d take his $50 million offer and go away. She certainly wouldn’t still be living in his house, spending money out of his accounts, and socking it to him for all he’s worth.

It’s not fear that’s guiding her. For all appearances, it’s greed, pure and simple.

Mostly, I hope for a child’s sake not to be brought into the world amid such nasty circumstances. A baby is supposed to be a wonderful blessing, a gift, a confirmation of its parents’ mutual love. Not a bargaining chip.

Could this baby business be just another emotionally manipulative ploy to try and break Johnny? It’s entirely possible.

All I know is that this story is rapidly reaching the point of turning my stomach. At first it was all fun and games, seeing who was going to say what about whom next. But with talk of a possible pregnancy thrown into the mix, that takes it to a much deeper level. That’s not just hitting a guy in the wallet. That’s hitting him where he lives.