Depp Heard Hamstring

We’ve been talking about Amber Heard doing her level best to gain sympathy and manipulate the divorce process in her favor by accusing Johnny Depp of abuse.

But there could be more sinister motivations for her accusations. Not only is she making a grab at his wallet, it also looks like she’s trying to ruin him, and his career, in the court of public opinion.

Johnny had a film release this weekend, a week after Heard’s allegations got fired at him. It comes as no surprise that amid all of this drama, the film’s debut weekend didn’t go so well. It took in $28.1 million when it was estimated to bring in $35 million.
Nobody expected Alice to compete with the X-Men, I’m sure, but it probably would have done much better without all of Heard’s drama hanging over it.

Did she do it because she knows that she doesn’t get any part of whatever the film earns? Since she filed for divorce, she doesn’t benefit financially from anything he does from now on. It’s his career, and his money. So did she do it as one last financial crotch-shot? “I can’t have your money, so I’ll make sure you don’t earn any”…?

And never mind all of the other people that have put their blood, sweat and tears into the production, from the writers, producers and actors all the way down to whoever sweeps the floor in-between takes. There are a whole lot of people that work on a film. Not just the guy who gets his face on the Marquee. They have families. They have bills to pay. They have lives that they have to finance through their hard work, and MOST of them don’t have millions in the bank to fall back on like she does.

A couple million here and there isn’t going to hurt Johnny. But the everyday people that put in their time to try and earn a living, they’re the ones that get hurt. It’s the little guys that suffer. And it looks like she doesn’t care in the least. As long as she can get parting shots in at Johnny, never mind the collateral damage.

I thought she was petty and trifling when she started throwing accusations around to benefit herself. But now, seeing that she’s willing to do damage to people and families she’s never even seen just to wage war with her ex, she seems more monumentally selfish and horrible than even I originally imagined.

What a spoiled, selfish brat.

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