In a recent comment, a former victim reports that she continues to see her work in publications put out by  the various, assorted publishing company incarnations owned by Tabetha Jones.

A quick google of’s terms of service confirms that the publication of unauthorized written content constitutes an intellectual rights violation.

So, authors, if you find any of your content being published or sold by Tabetha Jones without your prior knowledge or consent, don’t bother asking her to remove it. She obviously doesn’t care. Instead, report the infringement to Maybe they’ll yank her account. And the literary world can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

You’re welcome.


BD heads up

Just a quick heads up. Tab’s planning to re-release her Beautiful Disasters anthology.
So if you’ve got work in the previous incarnation(s) of that (or any other MP, PF, DS, SF, SS) book, or if you’ve ever given her anything to read, keep a close eye on BD to make sure none of your work shows up in it on the sly. Just to be safe.

And if any of you know Aradia Wadjet, Norbert Gora or Natalie Moon, please let those poor people know what they’re getting into.

12 reasons to find a different publisher

Avoid any publisher if:

1)  A publisher appears on watchdog sites like Predators and editors, Absolute Write – water cooler, Writer beware, or has a less than stellar rating on the Better business Bureau. Those sites exist to warn you against using publishing companies or services. Take their advice and keep looking for one that would do well by you. Or, better yet, manage your own affairs.

2)  A publisher charges reading and/or submission fees. This is usually a red flag, especially in a smaller publisher. Charging reading fees could easily be a sign of the company’s lack of ability to manage their money, if they have to take it from you for reading scripts or accepting submissions.

3)  If a publisher charges ANY fees. In publishing,money flows TO the author, not FROM. These fees include up front fees, like for reading or submissions. But they also present as questionable separation fees. If a company’s contract includes a clause that says that if the contract terminates before the natural duration (a year, two years, three books, whatever), you have to cough up, say, $125 to be released and/or get your work back, it’s a trap. That means that the publisher can terminate your contract, blame you for it, and hit you up for the money.

4)  You see a publisher with a history of names a mile long, like Mystic press, Phoenix Fire publishing, Silver Fang publishing (briefly), Dark Storm Publications, and Demons and Deities. All the same company, with the same people in charge. No, my friend, You don’t need to deal with a company that changes names more often than a strip club whore drops her panties, if she’s wearing any at all. At best, such a company is inept and needs to keep changing names to avoid the reputation of doing a poor job. At worst, such a company has a history of scamming and defrauding authors. An upstanding company stands by its name proudly. They don’t keep switching it up to dodge a bad reputation (or maybe even taxes). If you see a publisher with a list of names a mile long, don’t even pause. Keep looking.

5)  A publishing company can’t provide proof that they exist as a legal entity. Search your publisher’s state for public records proving that they are a taxable entity. While it’s true that some sole proprietorships don’t have to register for taxes. But that means that only one person can own it and work for it. That’s fine for an artist that sells artwork online, but ask yourself this: Can only one person run a publishing company? Can only one person do all of the editing, promotion and marketing, from accepting the author’s submission, production, publication, marketing and promotion? Can one person arrange for all of that, plus book signings, interviews and everything else it takes to make a book successful?  Doubtful. As an author, you need a whole team of professionals doing their best to represent you and your work. Not one slob, sitting at their kitchen table at 2 in the morning, doing nothing but slapping your book on Createspace and expecting to keep up to half of your royalties. No marketing, no promotion. You can do better yourself, and keep all of your royalties while you’re at it.

6)  A publishing company’s only contact information is an email. There’s something fishy going on if you can’t even pick up the phone and talk to a real person about your work. You don’t just deserve to know who you’re dealing with, you NEED to know.

7)  A publishing company’s web page is a weebly, or some other hosting site rather than a dot com. If a publishing company won’t pony up for a dedicated domain, it means one of three things:
They’re too cheap to pony up the money
They don’t have anybody skilled enough to run it.
They don’t expect to exist long enough to bother. (See number 3)

8)  Your contract carries over. If a company’s contract contains the stipulation that if the company is sold, given away, or changes hands for any reason, your contract will “carry over” to the new owner, or to the new company’s new name. That’s not only dubious, legally, as contracts don’t just “Carry over” like that. It’s also a sure sign that the company expects to change names, or hands. (see number 3)

9)  A publishing company’s owner can’t or won’t answer all of your questions. Don’t be shy. Ask as many questions as you can think of. A small company, especially, should be able to answer each and every one of your questions with professionalism, easily and patiently.
Does the company exist legally? (See number 5)
Who owns the company? (See number 4)
Who, exactly, works for the company? (See number 4, in case they’re being dodgy about ownership.)
Who, exactly, will be doing the editing, formatting and artwork for your book? And don’t accept the answer that “someone within the company: will be assigned to do it. The reason it’s important is that some smaller companies inbreed editing work by getting other authors to do it for the promise of increased royalties. This is highly improper. Authors sign with a publishing company to write and get published. Not to work for the other company in any capacity. And, many times, other authors aren’t trained or experienced enough to do the job. If your editor isn’t going to be a trained, experienced professional, you don’t want them working on your book.
How will you get paid?
How much will you get paid?
When will you get paid?
Will your publisher grant you access to examine their financial affairs? Many, most publishing companies don’t mind granting an author and their accountant or lawyer access to their financial records because they have nothing to hide. If the company you’re looking at refuses, you’ve got to ask yourself what they’ve got to hide.
When will they send your 1099 form? Your publisher is legally obligated to send you a 1099 form for taxation purposes, both yours and theirs. If you’ve stumbled upon a publishing company that doesn’t send authors this form, they’re not only keeping you from properly filing your taxes. You know they aren’t properly filing theirs, either. They can’t be, if they haven’t allowed you to file yours. That’s Tax fraud, and you want no part of it.
These are but a few  questions that I can think of off the top of my head. There are likely more that you’ll think of. like I said before, don’t be shy about asking them. A proper publisher will be happy to answer them.

10)  The owners of a publishing company involve you in their personal affairs. If, during the course of your first few conversations with a publisher, you hear anything about the owner’s personal life rather than business, hang up and keep looking. As an author, you want to hear about how you and your work will be represented to the literary world. Not who the owner is fighting with, who’s sick, who’s dating whom, the dog, the cat, drinking, clubbing, their religious beliefs or anything else. If a company owner thinks it’s okay to talk to a client bout anything but business, you don’t want them handling your book. Sure, a publisher and client need to have a good professional relationship, even a comfortable one. But the emphasis in that statement is PROFESSIONAL. You want them working on your book, not sucking you into their personal drama. Walk away. With haste.

11)  A publishing company focuses heavily on “Anthologies” or collections of short stories or poetry. Some smaller companies are notorious for publishing a ton of anthologies, going so far as to say that the company doesn’t even take royalties for the book. How generous!  The book comes out with contributions by, say. 10 authors. And the royalties are supposed to be divided evenly between all authors. Sounds good, until you realize that (at least) half of the authors are aliases of the owner. Not only are they keeping royalties, they’re taking HALF of the royalties earned by the book. And you’re getting, what? 1/10th? Do they seem so generous now? Exactly. No.

12)  Either Tabetha (Hoover, Saulter, Willis, Farmer, Olejnik) Jones or Nick Pacione are anywhere near them. If you see either of those names involved with a publisher, you need know nothing more.

Any one of these is a good enough reason to keep looking for a different publisher. If you find one with two, three, or more, run the other way as fast as your literary little legs will carry you.


It would be easy to craft a blog post proving that a certain scam publisher said she’d be offline for a while, yet trolled my blog every single day and concentrated her efforts on flinging unsubstantiated venom at me and her other former victims that are trying to move on after getting out from under her hefty reputation rather than focusing on family during a difficult loss. Very easy. In fact, I had one written up as a draft.

But then I thought. If she’s putting so much energy keeping the attention on me, what’s she keeping the focus OFF of? And I found it.

Tabetha Jones recently announced that Phoenix Fire publishing had been taken over by Dark Storm publications. All of the authors’ contracts had been bought out, she insisted. Here. I’ll remind you.

That means that Phoenix Fire no longer exists, right?

So why are there all these books still for sale with Phoenix Fire still listed as the publisher?

It doesn’t matter that we all know that Tabetha Jones is Zoey Sweete. Phoenix Fire is supposed to be closed, according to her own announcement. The fact that there are any books still up for sale with PF listed as the publisher proves that she’s a liar and a crook.

It bears mentioning that it’s not just Tabetha’s books are still for sale. There are also anthologies still for sale, like Tattooed on my skin, Blood games/Bloody kisses, To my lover’s dismay, Deviants after dark, Beautifully broken and Primal Howls. I’ve bought, read, and returned a couple of them. And I’m pretty sure that when I did, there were different authors listed as having contributed.

I may be wrong, but I’d swear that at least one of the authors now listed on multiple anthologies as a contributing author didn’t come along (get fabricated by Tabetha out of thin air) until long after those books were published. Yet there are their names.

It also bears note that Beth Wright’s Devils Pet Kitten remains for sale through Phoenix Fire even though she left Mystic Press/Phoenix fire and never returned. Yet her book remains for sale with PF listed as the publisher. And I’m pretty sure Beth’s not seeing a dime of any sales, third party or otherwise. But I’ll bet the publisher does. Think about that.

Authors, if you’re no longer with Tabetha Jones, Phoenix Fire or Dark Storm, and you contributed to any of the anthologies still for sale, it might be worth investing a buck to buy the Kindle version to find out if your work is still included – with a different name. And if you find that your work is still included even though you’ve severed all ties with that fraud, I strongly suggest that you file complaints with the FBI for piracy, her local District Attorney for theft, the Texas Rangers for fraud, and the Better Business Bureau for questionable business practices. Just remember to name the new place in your complaint. Dark Storm. They’re the ones that own the contracts now. The old place doesn’t exist anymore, remember? It’s the same people that run them both, anyway.

If you find that your work is being used without your knowledge or consent, you can certainly file a civil suit nailing her ass to the proverbial wall.

One little fact about publishing that the average indie author might not know is that if major changes are made to a publication, it needs to be issued a new ISBN number. A publisher can’t shuffle around the content of an anthology to fill in gaps after an author has left and republish it with the same ISBN. That’s illegal. Just saying.

Authors, this is everything you need to know. Tabetha Jones is, at best, shady. At worst, she’s a liar, scam artist and fraud. She announced that Phoenix Fire had been taken over. Sold. Whatever. It doesn’t exist. Yet there it is, still listed on books that are still for sale. Did you know? Are you being paid?

She did the same thing after Mystic Press “closed” down, continued to sell books until she was turned in and forced to knock it off.

If you published anything through Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire, it behooves you to Google yourself on every book site you can think of (Amazon, Ebay, Goodreads, Smashwords, etc) to make sure that your books aren’t still being sold by a publishing company that’s not supposed to still exist. Make sure your stories aren’t still being peddled in anthologies with different names on them. If they are, you need to find out where your royalties are going, and you need to make the thief doing it accountable for her actions.

Protect yourself from a fraud.

Still don’t think Tabetha Jones owns Dark Storm? Check out these screen caps that show Dark Storm transacting business with Tabetha’s name front and center.

Seeing the light yet?

If you’re an author that’s still currently signed with DS, I can only ask WHY? There’s PROOF, right in front of you that you’re dealing with a shifty character that’s lying right to your face. What makes you think that you’re any different from the authors that have come and gone before you? Because it’s, as she says “In the past?” Well, take a good look, my friends. This isn’t “in the past.” This is today. Right now. And if you don’t think she’ll do it to you, you’re sadly mistaken.

If you continue with that company, brace yourselves to get lied to and ripped off, the same way these other authors have been. And when you find out that we’re telling the truth (if the evidence in front of you isn’t enough to convince you) you can’t say you weren’t warned.

And don’t worry about any contract you might have signed. The same is true with Dark Storm as it was with Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire. If a company isn’t legal, its contracts aren’t legal. You can wipe your ass with that thing and walk. Take your work and leave. If she tries to tell you that you have to pay $125 bucks to get out from under her, tell her to stuff it up sideways. There’s room for it.

If she tries to say you have to pay $125 because it’s in the contract, remember that contract isn’t legal or binding. Tell her to shove it, take your work and split. You’ll do better self publishing on Create space than you would with her. That’s how she publishes you, anyway, using a free service and keeping your royalties. You can do that on your own and keep the royalties you earn.

And continue to protect your work from being sold out from under you. When you do publish yourself, make sure that you’re listed as the only person that can sell your work. That way, there are no mysterious “third party” sales going on behind your back that you’re not getting paid for.

And if she tries to tell you she’s going to sue you, tell her to go ahead. Tell her to send you her lawyer’s contact information so that you can talk to him yourself.

She won’t.

She can’t, and she knows it. First, she doesn’t have a lawyer. She talks a big game about having a lawyer do all her contracts, etc. So… if she had one, she could cough up his phone number, especially if she plans to sue you. Right. All you’ll get is some lame excuse about why she can’t put you in contact with him. She’s been saying for years that she’s got some lawyer doing her bidding (and for free, at that). She’s threatened to sue many authors that tried to leave her (and many a blogger that’s exposed the truth about her, too), but has yet to let a single person talk to him. She’s never filed a single suit.

She won’t. She can’t. She knows that what she’s doing is illegal. The last thing she wants to see is the inside of a courtroom. If she threatens to sue you, call her bluff. It’s just a lot of hot air, one last bid to get money out of you as you walk out the door. Tell her to sit and spin.

It’s your reputation on the line. Protect it from a known thief and scam artist.

It’s your money, keep it in your own pocket.

You’re welcome.

Destiny Rane – Dark Storm

One of the names that Tabetha’s thanking for some shady deal involving her company is Destiny.

Enter Destiny Rane, owner of Dark Storm publications, neither of which existed online before this week.
And who bears a striking resemblance to Salena Sablan aka Mistress Thanatella, right down to the brow piercing.

Looks like we know who at least one of Tab’s new partners suckers is.

Salena, hon, if you’re on board to become the new (co)owner of a publishing company that involves Tabetha Jones, I can only tell you: “DON’T DO IT!”

I know you’ve been told not to read this blog beause it’s all “Hate” and “Lies” but you really, REALLY need to do yourself a favor and start from the beginning and work your way up to the present.

Starting with Zephyr (media/ enterprizes/publication/whateverthehellitwas), she gains ownership of a company (translate: she starts it under some fake name), takes on a partner that she promises the moon to, scams people until she can’t get away with it anymore, then throws the partner under the bus for it. Just ask Brandy and Wendy. After Zephyr folded, Tab “Took over” ownership of this new publishing company called Mystic Press, co owned by Brandy and Wendy. She, Tabetha, scammed people left and right (many of them are here on this blog) including my daughter. Within days of being reported to the Tx Attorney General, Tab ran screaming that Brandy and Wendy had screwed the company up so much she had to close the doors. She never did, really, she just changed the names on the accounts from Mystic Press to Phoenix Fire, “rising from the ashes” blah, blah.

To be clear, Tab did finally pay Thea back, but only because Somebody found out that Tab used her name to swindle my kid and shit was about to hit the fan. Tab paid, begging me to take down that post. And I did, as agreed, until she (Tab) made two very stupid mistakes. She kept right on scamming people, and she directly disrespected me. Add both of those to scamming my kid in the first place, and this blog keeps on going. People deserve to know what a fraud and scam artist she is.

Over the course of the past few years, she’s taken on other co-owners to try and pin it on when Phoenix folds. There was her ex, Eric, who had the good sense to dump her skanky ass. And there were Jacqueline and Jaimie, and maybe others along the way. But they each caught wise and removed themselves from an executive position in the company. It bears mentioning that she set up this same EXACT scheme with Jacqueline last year, making it look like some mysterious third party was taking over Phoenix Fire, exactly the same way she’s doing it with you, promising to Keep Tabetha on “as the face of the company.” Jackie caught wind that she was being played, so she backed out. Tab even tried switching the name of the company to Silver Fang, a name Jackie had picked out for her own publishing company, without telling her. “It was supposed to be a surprise,” Tab says. Right.

Tabetha also tried to tell people that Jabberwocky publishing agency was taking on all of her authors in some great big deal She might have conned them into believing it, too, if not for a call to the real Jabberwocky.

Tabetha’s been DESPERATE to find some way to unload Phoenix Fire so that she can start a new company to scam new people with. Tabetha’s reputation with Phoenix Fire in the publishing world is too well known. She’s written up on Predators and Editors, Writer beware and Absolute Write water cooler as a publisher to avoid. And there are blogs detailing her sleazy tactics. Not just this one, mind. There’s the dear late Cussedness Corner, Emily Suess and others. All these people can’t be haters. Especially when most of them don’t even know who the hell she is. All they know is what she does to her authors, as testified to by the authors themselves. And they can’t all be haters, either. They’re all people that are stepping forward, bravely admitting what’s happened to them so that others don’t fall victim, too. Like you.

Tabetha likes to play the victim, doesn’t she? The victim of such horrible domestic abuse at the hands of every guy she ever dated/married. Including one she’s taken back into her bed. She says she’s the victim of stalkers, haters, liars and trolls But think about it. Which is more likely? That she’s really the poor, put-upon victim of all these people’s unjustified persecution? Or that she’s trying to paint a sympathetic picture of herself to get out of all the crap she’s done to people? Think, man. THINK.

You’ve known Tabetha, what? A few months? And you’re ready to put your name, your reputation and your financial future in her hands? We’ve known her a hell of a lot longer than that. Trust me when I tell you that each and every person that posts here isn’t hatin’ on her. They’re people she’s scammed, swindled and flat-out ripped off. Including past partners and co-owners. Do yourself a favor and listen to them. She’s using you. Plain and simple.

The truth of the matter is that all this exposure is making it harder and harder to lure in new victims.

She needs a new company with a new name that people haven’t heard of yet.

If you provide that means for her, I guarantee you she’ll leave you holding the bag when it goes sour. It’s what she does. Just look at the history.

Just ask yourself some questions:
How legal is the company that she’s cajoling you into creating for this sneaky little endeavor?

Are your taxation papers in order?

What about the legal structure? Is that sound? Not dissin ya, but do you know the first thing about running a publishing company? Was this even your idea? Or something she snuck in your ear, promising to “mentor” you in the publishing business? Hate to tell ya, hon, but the only thing she’s setting you up for is to be her patsy so that she can finally, FINALLY shut down Phoenix Fire and get that albatross out from around her neck. Or, switch the accounts. Which is illegal, btw. A company doesn’t “switch over” accounts when it closes. When a legal entity closes, all of its accounts are terminated and liquidated appropriately. That’s business 101. If she’s not doing that, you need to be very, VERY wary of how she does business.

Has she, at any point, used the words “Trust me” or “I’ll take care of it”? Because if she has, that’s your first hint to run as far away as you can, as fast as your legs can carry you.

On the new Dark Storm Publications webpage, you’re currently listed as the sole owner. But are you really piloting the ship? Are you the one updating the webpage? Or is she telling you to trust her to do it for you? Cuz, I gotta tell the site reads like a carbon copy of her PF site, complete with her usual literary skill.

The page isn’t even up and running yet, with no authors listed (give her time, she’ll make up plenty), but it sure leans heavily on those anthologies, doesn’t it? Typical Tabetha stock in trade. That’s where she’ll rob you blind, make no mistake. Submitting a ton of stories under fake names so that she can keep a bunch of pieces of that pie. Has she turned you on to that trick yet? Is that really the publisher you want to be? Is that the PERSON you want to be?

What’s in it for her? Think about that. What’s she getting out of it? I’m guessing that since Dark Storm is a company created on the fly last week, you don’t have the money to actually be buying her out. She’s just switching accounts over, right? So what’s REALLY in it for her?

What’s your name on? What’s her name on? If her name is on accounts, it’s because she plans to skim them. If your name’s on them, it’s so that she can blame YOU for embezzling money from her authors’ royalties.

Last but not least, why all the fake names? If her business were on the up-and-up, why does she need so many names? Different names to own a business, different names to write under, it’s shady enough that she does it, but now she’s got you doing it, too. What’s the excuse she gave you? Because of stalkers? Bullshit. A LEGITIMATE business doesn’t have anything to hide. Blog exposure or no, a REAL business just goes about its, well, business with nothing to hide, nothing to worry about, and nothing to cover up. You’re starting business with her under very shady circumstances. If you’re Destiny, she’s already got you posting lies to the public. You’re starting off on the wrong foot. Honestly, how can it go right from there?

There’s enough in this post alone to make any reasonably intelligent person stop and think. And you strike me as a pretty smart cookie. But do yourself a favor and scroll back and read for yourself, in her own words, what a shady character she is.

Save yourself, while you still can.


Today, we’re going to take a look at the Cardinal rule of publishing. It is, in fact, the only rule. Originally coined by James D Macdonald, Yog’s law simply states:

Money flows TOWARD the writer

That’s it.
Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?
All too often, you see examples of an author getting scammed by publishers in glaring ways. But there are also more subtle ways that an unscrupulous predator can scam an author. They’re called: FEES. Some smaller publishers charge authors for services going in, before there’s a single sale of any book. It’s normal, they say. Everybody does it, they’ll tell you while adding up what you’re supposed to pay up front.
No, everybody doesn’t do it.

Writers don’t pay agents.
Writers don’t pay editors.
Writers don’t pay cover artists.
Writers don’t pay publishers. Period.

Money flows TOWARD the writer.

I’m not talking about self-published authors. If you’re going it on your own, there are going to be costs, of course. Not many in this day and age of free accounts on Lightning Source and Createspace. It’s always a good idea to hire a real editor, and maybe a cover artist, if you’re not artistically inclined. Those things will cost a few bucks, sure. Those are called business investments. And when a book is bought by a customer, you keep %100 of the profits. You make your money back, without some flim-flam artist picking your pocket.

No. We’re talking about publishers, here. You know, the people that are supposed to produce your book for you after you’ve written it. They’re supposed to foot the bill for that, and everything it involves. That’s why they get to keep a percentage afterward. They pay for the editors, artists, and everything else. Not you.

If you’ve paid a publisher any fee up front, you’re actually paying them TWICE. Think about it. Not only did you pay them up front, but they’re also keeping a percentage of your profits. Does that sound right to you? When you get your car fixed, to you pay twice? When you replace a water heater or get your roof repaired, do you pay for it twice? Of course not. Why would you pay your publisher twice? Traditional publishers DO NOT CHARGE. Period.
The fact of the matter is that publishers and agents get paid ONCE, out of a percentage of your book sales, after the production process is done and the book is on the market. That’s the reason they need to bust their butts to make you successful. Because the more you earn, the more they earn.

Money flows TOWARD the writer.

Do not ever pay a publisher any fees, whether it’s for editing, artwork, swag or anything else up front. Period. If they want to get paid, let ’em take it out of your book sales. And, while we’re on the subject, make your publisher PROVE those sales to you. Don’t believe it for a second if a publisher says something like “All your titles got returned.” or “You didn’t sell very many, so you’re only getting a few bucks. Sorry.” Make them show you an itemized sales report. If they say they can’t, it’s because there’s something wrong with the way their account is set up. A REAL publisher can show you whatever figures you want to see, any time of the day or night. At the very least, you should get quarterly statements directly from your publisher’s account. If you don’t get those figures, or if what you see is altered in any way, chances are that your publisher’s a scam. Get out as fast as you can.

Money flows TOWARD the writer.

Before you decide on a publisher, there are questions you need to ask and answer:
Does the publisher charge any fees?
Is this publisher on Writer Beware?
Is this publisher on Predators and Editors?
Is this publisher on Absolute Write: Water Cooler?
Is there a blog warning you against this publisher?
Are there several blogs warning you?
Do any red flags pop up when you Google search this publisher?
Does this publisher have a low (or no) rating with the Better Business Bureau?
Does this publisher have complaints on the BBB?
Will this publisher pay you quarterly, even though the publishing service they use pays them monthly?

If you answer YES to any of the above, don’t sign with that publisher.

Will this publisher provide you with accurate sales reports on request?
Is this publisher accredited with the BBB?

If the answer is NO to either of these questions, it’s probably a good idea not to chose them.

Money flows TOWARD the writer.

Follow the law of Yog, my friends. Your reputation, your career, and your bank account will thank you.

Pay it Forward

According to the Phoenix Fire Facebook page, Weebly page and Blog (No, all three sites don’t have the same names), these are all authors that are currently involved with PF in some capacity:

TN Allan
Ty Arthur
Amelia Birch
Chantal Boudreau
Mike Casto
Rina Dinis
Robin Wyatt Dunn
Shaye Evans
Emerald Rai Fleurs
Thomas Folske
Carl Thomas Fox
Joy Fulcher
L.D. Gliddon
Jennifer Oneal Gunn
L.D. Hutchinson
Mathias Jansson
Eris Kelli
Lisamaria Lamb
Anna Lovelace
Gary McGrew
Kate Monroe
Jewels Moss
Lee Mountford
Huey Musselman
Diana Nixon
Charolette Ondac
Nikki Palomino
Jodie Pierce
Juan Qutierrez
Rena Robinett
Dagny Rose
Ruby Rose
Andre Sanders
Ivy Sinclair
Mark Slade
Matthew Smallwood
Grant Elliot Smith
Andrea Staum
Kim Stevens
Shay Summers
Zoey Sweete
Mistress Thanatella
Jeffery Todd
Jay Wilburn
Amanda Williams
Timothy Wiseman

Many of the newbies are on each other’s friends lists. From the look of it, Tabetha trolls FB looking for new authors. She gets on an author’s page, solicits them, then goes after author friends of theirs on their friends lists, and so forth. Like a string.

We all know from experience that a good number of the names on the list above are Tabetha’s alts. And alts of alts. And maybe even alts of alts of alts. So not all of the people on this list actually exist.

But some do, and they deserve to know what a scam they’re dealing with. So if you know any of them, be sure to let them know about Phoenix Fire Publishing’s F rating on the Better Business Bureau. Let them know about Phoenix Fire on Writer Beware, Editors and Predators, the Absolute Write water cooler, Emily Suess’s blog, Dear Cuss’s blog, and invite them to read this one. Even if you don’t know them, drop them a line and tell them.

I know a good few authors who wish that they’d been told about Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire Publishing before they signed on the dotted line. Their lives would have been spared a nightmare if they had. So let’s do everything we can to make sure new victims know all about her so that their nightmare can be avoided. Or, if they’ve already published with her, they’ll know what to look for: Lots of excuses but low (if any) royalties, every quarter even though Amazon/Createspace pays every month. Let them know that Phoenix Fire doesn’t exist as a legal company, so their contracts aren’t legally binding, either. Authors can take their work and walk away if they want to, and there’s nothing legal that Tabetha can do to stop them. Let them know that they don’t have to become or remain victims. They don’t have to deal with her alone.

A couple of the people listed aren’t with Phoenix Fire anymore, but she hasn’t gotten around to taking their names off of her sites yet. That’s another tactic of hers, hoarding names to make her scam company look more impressive than it is. Even after an author demands that their names be removed, it takes forever to make that happen. So if you know of an author that’s left Phoenix Fire, but their name still appears on this list, be sure to let them know so that they can get on her to make her remove them from her wretched company.

It’s all about exposure, folks. Tabetha counts on sliding under the radar, sneaking around on the sly, and snagging authors that she hopes haven’t heard of her yet. She wants to sign them to her illegal contracts, then bully them with the threat of legal action when the author wises up and tries to leave. Expose the truth to those poor souls she’s trying to ensnare and rip off. Let them know about her bogus company, phony contracts, devious tactics, scamming reputation and penchant for skimping on royalties. Let them know that they don’t owe her a dime if she tries to make them pay to leave. Let them know to yank and republish their titles so that she can’t continue to sell them without the author’s knowledge. (Beth Wright’s book The Devil’s Pet Kitten is STILL for sale with PF listed as the publisher even though she left Tabetha years ago.) Let them know that they aren’t alone. They can always come here and talk to others that have stood in their shoes. We can tell them exactly how to deal with Tabetha Jones.

Don’t let that scheming weasel slime around under the radar continuing to victimize authors. Cut her off at the pass, and save these new authors the pain of dealing with her any longer than it takes to get their work away from her. They’ll thank you, believe me.

People helped us find out what a scam, fraud, and thief Tabetha Jones is. Pay it forward and help those she’s trying to scam next.