Bright Blue Sky

We’ve been hearing a lot about Sky Wicker lately, also known as Skylynn Wicker and Skylier Wickerson. Maybe more names by now. You know, the model that Tabetha’s sister is reportedly having a romantic relationship with. So I thought it was about time we took a closer look at her.

Sky’s been around for awhile, involved in various aspects of Tabetha’s business, all the way back to being a Beta reader at Mystic Press.
That’s a lovely photo, isn’t it? So are these:
Question is, are they all the same girl? The answer is pretty obvious, but I’ll let you decide that for yourselves.

She gets around, too. If you look, those profiles each say she lives (and has been educated) somewhere different, including Dallas, Waco and NY, NY.

And, some of you might remember the mysterious case of the disappearing tattoos. At one point, Sky boasted ink, while at others, she’s bare-skinned. I don’t have those photos handy, but I’m hoping somebody out there will. If so, send ’em along and I’ll be happy to add them.

Tabetha insists that Sky uses pictures of different women because she’s had “stalkers” in the past, but that Dee handles them now, acting as Sky’s big, bad protector.

If that’s the case, Sky’s safe now. So there should be no problem finding a real picture. Right?

Right. It’s bullshit. Tabetha’s ex, Eric, has confirmed that he was there when Tabetha made Sky up in the first place, and helped pick out which pictures to use for Sky. That, plus all of the inconsistencies in Tabetha’s story since then are proof enough for me that Sky doesn’t exist and never did.

What’s troubling is this story that Tabetha’s sister is involved with Sky romantically. How is that possible, since Sky doesn’t exist? Some reports have it that Tabetha has called Dee pretending to be Sky, while others report that she only texts posing as Sky in order to foster the illusion of a relationship with Dee. And Dee appears to buy it, hook, line and sinker.
Gaining weight back? I guess that’s a good thing, considering Sky’s health issues.

According to Tabetha’s history of Sky’s life, the poor thing has suffered a lifetime of tragedy. First, Sky’s husband killed himself. Shot himself in the head, was it? Then Sky’s twin children were killed in an auto accident. And now the poor thing has Aids. How lovely for her that she now has Tabetha’s sister to look after her.

At Tabetha’s insistence, I asked Dee about her relationship with Sky. Dee insists that the two of them have spent time together in “RL” …which I can only imagine stands for Real Life. That’s disturbing on a lot of levels, since we now that Sky doesn’t exist anywhere outside of Tabetha’s imagination. It certainly raises a few questions.

Is Tabetha calculating and heartless enough to lead her own sister to believe that she’s in a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t exist?
Would Tabetha go so far as to call or text her sister, pretending to be a model that doesn’t exist, to convince her that this model is interested, or even involved with her?
Why would Dee tell me that she’s spent time with Sky in “RL” when we all know that it’s impossible? Is she so caught up in the fantasy of being involved with this beautiful model that she’s willing to lie to protect it?
Or, is it possible that Tabetha’s been on her sister’s FB account, defending a relationship that doesn’t exist? If so, how does that make her sister look?
How does any of this make her sister look?

Sky, if you’re out there (which we know you’re not) and if you care about Dee in the slightest (which we know is impossible, because you don’t exist) have the decency, for Dee’s sake, to show up and prove to us that you exist. Show us some of your modeling shots. You’re a model, a public figure. You make your living with your face. You shouldn’t have any problem showing us what you look like. If you do prove to us that you’re a real person, I’ll be the first one to fall on my knees and kiss your feet, begging for an apology.

Dee, I’m not writing this to embarrass you. Believe it or not, I’m doing it to help you. I want you to see what lengths your sister will go to in order to glorify herself. She’ll lie about you, she’ll lie TO you, and she’ll put all your personal business online. After all, how would we even know about your private life if Tabetha didn’t drag it out here for the whole world to see? It is my hope that you’ll realize the truth about this person that calls herself your sister. Blood or not, a real sister wouldn’t do to you the things she has.

If and when you’re ready to face the reality of what your sister is and what she’s doing to you, both in your personal life and with her new bogus business, you’re welcome to come here for support. We’re all here because we’ve all been scammed, lied to, hurt, humiliated and defrauded by her. We know how it feels to believe her. Some of us even know how it feels to love her as family, only to have their hearts and trust betrayed by her. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to be embarrassed. As victims ourselves, we’ll be glad to support you through the painful realization of what she really is.