It would be easy to craft a blog post proving that a certain scam publisher said she’d be offline for a while, yet trolled my blog every single day and concentrated her efforts on flinging unsubstantiated venom at me and her other former victims that are trying to move on after getting out from under her hefty reputation rather than focusing on family during a difficult loss. Very easy. In fact, I had one written up as a draft.

But then I thought. If she’s putting so much energy keeping the attention on me, what’s she keeping the focus OFF of? And I found it.

Tabetha Jones recently announced that Phoenix Fire publishing had been taken over by Dark Storm publications. All of the authors’ contracts had been bought out, she insisted. Here. I’ll remind you.

That means that Phoenix Fire no longer exists, right?

So why are there all these books still for sale with Phoenix Fire still listed as the publisher?

It doesn’t matter that we all know that Tabetha Jones is Zoey Sweete. Phoenix Fire is supposed to be closed, according to her own announcement. The fact that there are any books still up for sale with PF listed as the publisher proves that she’s a liar and a crook.

It bears mentioning that it’s not just Tabetha’s books are still for sale. There are also anthologies still for sale, like Tattooed on my skin, Blood games/Bloody kisses, To my lover’s dismay, Deviants after dark, Beautifully broken and Primal Howls. I’ve bought, read, and returned a couple of them. And I’m pretty sure that when I did, there were different authors listed as having contributed.

I may be wrong, but I’d swear that at least one of the authors now listed on multiple anthologies as a contributing author didn’t come along (get fabricated by Tabetha out of thin air) until long after those books were published. Yet there are their names.

It also bears note that Beth Wright’s Devils Pet Kitten remains for sale through Phoenix Fire even though she left Mystic Press/Phoenix fire and never returned. Yet her book remains for sale with PF listed as the publisher. And I’m pretty sure Beth’s not seeing a dime of any sales, third party or otherwise. But I’ll bet the publisher does. Think about that.

Authors, if you’re no longer with Tabetha Jones, Phoenix Fire or Dark Storm, and you contributed to any of the anthologies still for sale, it might be worth investing a buck to buy the Kindle version to find out if your work is still included – with a different name. And if you find that your work is still included even though you’ve severed all ties with that fraud, I strongly suggest that you file complaints with the FBI for piracy, her local District Attorney for theft, the Texas Rangers for fraud, and the Better Business Bureau for questionable business practices. Just remember to name the new place in your complaint. Dark Storm. They’re the ones that own the contracts now. The old place doesn’t exist anymore, remember? It’s the same people that run them both, anyway.

If you find that your work is being used without your knowledge or consent, you can certainly file a civil suit nailing her ass to the proverbial wall.

One little fact about publishing that the average indie author might not know is that if major changes are made to a publication, it needs to be issued a new ISBN number. A publisher can’t shuffle around the content of an anthology to fill in gaps after an author has left and republish it with the same ISBN. That’s illegal. Just saying.

Authors, this is everything you need to know. Tabetha Jones is, at best, shady. At worst, she’s a liar, scam artist and fraud. She announced that Phoenix Fire had been taken over. Sold. Whatever. It doesn’t exist. Yet there it is, still listed on books that are still for sale. Did you know? Are you being paid?

She did the same thing after Mystic Press “closed” down, continued to sell books until she was turned in and forced to knock it off.

If you published anything through Tabetha Jones and Phoenix Fire, it behooves you to Google yourself on every book site you can think of (Amazon, Ebay, Goodreads, Smashwords, etc) to make sure that your books aren’t still being sold by a publishing company that’s not supposed to still exist. Make sure your stories aren’t still being peddled in anthologies with different names on them. If they are, you need to find out where your royalties are going, and you need to make the thief doing it accountable for her actions.

Protect yourself from a fraud.

Still don’t think Tabetha Jones owns Dark Storm? Check out these screen caps that show Dark Storm transacting business with Tabetha’s name front and center.

Seeing the light yet?

If you’re an author that’s still currently signed with DS, I can only ask WHY? There’s PROOF, right in front of you that you’re dealing with a shifty character that’s lying right to your face. What makes you think that you’re any different from the authors that have come and gone before you? Because it’s, as she says “In the past?” Well, take a good look, my friends. This isn’t “in the past.” This is today. Right now. And if you don’t think she’ll do it to you, you’re sadly mistaken.

If you continue with that company, brace yourselves to get lied to and ripped off, the same way these other authors have been. And when you find out that we’re telling the truth (if the evidence in front of you isn’t enough to convince you) you can’t say you weren’t warned.

And don’t worry about any contract you might have signed. The same is true with Dark Storm as it was with Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire. If a company isn’t legal, its contracts aren’t legal. You can wipe your ass with that thing and walk. Take your work and leave. If she tries to tell you that you have to pay $125 bucks to get out from under her, tell her to stuff it up sideways. There’s room for it.

If she tries to say you have to pay $125 because it’s in the contract, remember that contract isn’t legal or binding. Tell her to shove it, take your work and split. You’ll do better self publishing on Create space than you would with her. That’s how she publishes you, anyway, using a free service and keeping your royalties. You can do that on your own and keep the royalties you earn.

And continue to protect your work from being sold out from under you. When you do publish yourself, make sure that you’re listed as the only person that can sell your work. That way, there are no mysterious “third party” sales going on behind your back that you’re not getting paid for.

And if she tries to tell you she’s going to sue you, tell her to go ahead. Tell her to send you her lawyer’s contact information so that you can talk to him yourself.

She won’t.

She can’t, and she knows it. First, she doesn’t have a lawyer. She talks a big game about having a lawyer do all her contracts, etc. So… if she had one, she could cough up his phone number, especially if she plans to sue you. Right. All you’ll get is some lame excuse about why she can’t put you in contact with him. She’s been saying for years that she’s got some lawyer doing her bidding (and for free, at that). She’s threatened to sue many authors that tried to leave her (and many a blogger that’s exposed the truth about her, too), but has yet to let a single person talk to him. She’s never filed a single suit.

She won’t. She can’t. She knows that what she’s doing is illegal. The last thing she wants to see is the inside of a courtroom. If she threatens to sue you, call her bluff. It’s just a lot of hot air, one last bid to get money out of you as you walk out the door. Tell her to sit and spin.

It’s your reputation on the line. Protect it from a known thief and scam artist.

It’s your money, keep it in your own pocket.

You’re welcome.



It was recently posted on my blog that Tabetha’s been busy with her photography business.

My reply was pretty straightforward: I don’t care.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less what she does with her camera. Or her tongue. We all know that she’s a tacky, tasteless ho-bag. My primary concern was to expose her as a fraud publisher for the world to see, to stop her from being able to victimize authors far and wide who have no way to seek justice against her. I’ve done that, thanks to the bravery of her victims stepping forth and telling the truth about her.
If she wants to victimize and abuse local customers, more power to her. She’ll find it a little harder to brush off refund requests face to face when local customers discover what a no-talent hack and fraud she is.
She’s trying to sneak back in on the publishing world under the radar, quietly publishing some poor new sap’s book on Christmas – and spending most of the day trolling this blog to see what I had to say about it. Sorry, but I spent my day in the company of loved ones celebrating the Holiday, not trolling around online like a certain fraud I could name.
I chatted with that author victim in the recent past about what a fraud she is, and showed him all the reasons why he shouldn’t publish with her, but he went ahead anyway. Oh well. He can’t say he wasn’t warned. When payday rolls around, months from now, and he gets more excuses than royalties, maybe he’ll realize that he should have taken heed after all. If not, it’s no skin off my ass. It’s his money to lose. If he doesn’t mind handing it over to a scam artist, that’s his choice.
I spent lot of time this year on Tabetha and her shenanigans. I’m not doing that this coming year. I’ve got my own projects that need attention, and they’re going to get it.
Sure, I’ll still advocate for her victims. I know that even though the BBB has her number, she’s trying to cover that up by joining other organizations, and who knows? Some victims might fall for it when she tells them that the BBB was “lied to” and that membership in other organizations makes up for it. They can’t say they weren’t warned, either. They’ll find out, just like this poor guy she published yesterday, that she’s a fraud, ripping them off and lying to their faces. And when they do, they’ll have to decide how to get away from her. It’s on them. They’re grown. They make the choices and live with the consequences.
I’m making my own choice: not to spend all my time on the undeserving waste of skin that is Tabetha Jones.

“Ruby”, with all her tact and class, came roaring back with:

Some days there just aren’t enough face palms.

The only gag going on around here is that reflex in the back of my throat when I think of anything Tabetha Jones says or does, whether it’s some new batch of tacky porn photos or yet another abysmally horrible job she’s done (not) editing or (badly) publishing some poor sap’s book. Either of those is good for a bout of acid reflux.

There’s no court order making me shut up. And if there were, I’d wipe my ass with it.

She’s back up to her old tricks, conning authors and cranking out her masturbatory “anthologies” to rip people off with. At this point, all I can do is shake my head. If authors are so eager to see their names in print that they don’t take the time to Google the publisher they’re thinking of working with, there’s nothing I can do about it. We’ve put the information out there. All they have to do is look. I feel bad for those that are poised to fall victim to her conning, scheming, thieving, abusive tactics. I really do. But sometimes, I guess people just have to learn for themselves. The hard way. And, with her, they will.
She still charges authors up front.
Even though Amazon pays every month, she still makes them wait for quarterly payments.
When the quarter rolls around, they’ll still get pennies of whatever their book really earned, if anything.
When they realize they’ve been conned, they’ll try to leave.
She’ll tell them their contracts are binding.
If they insist, she’ll make them pay an early separation fee.
Even after they leave her, they’ll still find their books for sale, with her getting paid, not them.
Some of them will be so scarred they give up writing all together.

And not a single one of them can say we didn’t warn them. All I can do is tell them what a fraud she is, and remind them that their contracts aren’t legally binding when they finally see the truth and decide to walk away from her. They still might not listen, but at least I tried.

When I say I’ve got better things to do, I mean exactly that. I’ve got a book project coming out this year that I’m really excited about. It’s been far too long since I had a book published. My next book is socially relevant, and I hope for the best with it. Unlike Tabetha, I write actual books, not Mary Jane spank cranked out in a week that has to be double-spaced in order to fill up pages. I wish I could say more about my upcoming project, but it’ll just have to wait. Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait. If not, at least it won’t be for lack of honest effort. That’s more than she could say on her best day, since she doesn’t do anything honest.

No, boys and girls. There’s no gag order. There’s only the real world that I plan to spend more of my time in. She can suck eggs, if there’s a hen that’ll have her.

The Liar Effect

Tabetha Jones has recently decided to start yet another illegal business. This time, it’s a photography company that she’s talked her sister into claiming ownership of, called The Phoenix Effect photography.
How dare I call it an illegal company? Well, I dare because it’s true, for the same reasons that her bogus publishing company isn’t legal, either. But we’ll get to that later.

Let’s start with the Phoenix Effect home page.

Here alone, we see evidence that this is Tabetha’s baby. Listing herself as the Effect’s leading model shows that the whole endeavor is little more than an ego stroke, a vehicle for Tabetha (as Zoey Sweete) to preen herself as a model, coupled with the fact that 90% of the pictures are of her. It’s just ego-spank for her.

I think the most disturbing thing she says on the front page is that they “do not discriminate against size, race, sexuality, or age.” The mere fact that she mentions any of those things is discriminatory. Why would any photographer even THINK about refusing to photograph anybody based on those criteria, let alone feel the need to deny it so vehemently on the front page of their supposedly professional website? If I saw that on anybody’s site, it would tell me that yes they do, or they wouldn’t have brought it up. I don’t want to work with anybody that even thinks of it.

By trying to include so many styles of photography as a selling point, and going out of her way to appeal to everybody, she’s shooting herself in the foot. If I’m looking for a photographer to take pictures of my six year old, the last one I’m going to choose is the one that has the words “deviant” and “fetish” in the same sentence as “family portraits.” Only in her deluded little world do those styles belong on the same page, let alone in the same sentence. But, hey. It’s her company to ruin.

And, seriously… their LEADING model, Zoey Sweete? Really? Show me ONE publication her picture has appeared in. Show me ANYWHERE that her pictures have appeared that weren’t her own websites. Unless she can do that, she’s got no business calling herself a model at all, let alone anybody’s leading anything.


Next, have a gander at the site’s nav bar.
As usual, she leads with smut. She’s got the “Boudior” shots, “sexy and sensual” front and center. All other settings (couples, single shots, etc) are tucked away under “other” There’s Tabetha’s sleazy mentality for you, glorifying the filthy first and putting all other considerations aside.

Next, let’s take a look at the “about” page.
This is a jumble of hot mess. First, she does little but repeat what was already said on the front page. If she can’t come up with anything new to say about the company, what does it really have to offer? If the site can’t be original, how will the photos be?

Again, she contradicts herself. First she says that “Phoenix Effect does not use photoshop to edit our photographs, we believe in using the right lighting and poses to give you the best look.
And in the next sentence, that they “enhance the photographs that are chosen, whether it be to soften, colorize, add borders or add text to the pictures.
So do they photoshop or not?
I can help answer that one.
On the Phoenix Effects FB page, there’s (at least) one album with manipulated photos in it. So there’s a glaring example of either an inept contradiction or a flat-out lie.

And here, again, Tabetha refers to Zoey Sweete as a person separate from herself. As with her bogus publishing company, it looks like she’s trying to bolster the company with more personnel than it really has, and to glorify herself as something she’s not. Model, author, editor, publisher, all the things she wishes she was, but fails miserably at because she thinks that wishing it makes it so. It doesn’t.

Just take a look at what she says about herself on the “about us” page.
She refers to herself as the company’s manager, and a makeup artist and hair stylist that’s been “in the industry” for the last 13 years.
What industry? Lying and scamming?
What photographers and models has she worked with in the last 13 years?
Even if she has been involved with cosmetology for a number of years, that doesn’t mean that she’s been “in the industry” for 13 years. That’s an exaggeration to make herself seem more experienced “in the industry” than she really is.

And, excuse me, but I thought she’s been “busting her ass” to make authors’ dreams come true as a publisher for the last 4 or 5 years, selflessly losing sleep, spending money out of her pocket, dedicating herself tirelessly to serving her authors. How is that being involved with the modeling industry?
She’s only been trying to pass herself off as a model for the last few months. That’s a fact. No modeling pictures of her appear before that. Not that any real ones have appeared since. She hasn’t been involved “in the industry” at all, in any capacity. It’s just another lie. More wishful thinking that she’s involved with any industry she glamorizes, when the truth is she’s nothing but a wannabe.

As for Dee:
There are two points of interest in Dee’s blurb. First, she contradicts herself badly. She says that she “allows the model to be themselves without direction, giving the models freedom, unless she believes a better pose would work for that particular shot.
So which is it? Does she direct her models or not?
I’m willing to bet that there isn’t a professional photographer in the industry that doesn’t direct the models during a shoot. It’s their reputation on the line every time a photograph they took is published anywhere, including somebody’s facebook page, and I can’t think of a single photog that would leave their reputations vulnerable to the whims of some amateur wannabe model that has no idea whatsoever how to pose for a professional shot. Of course real photographers direct their models, from the most seasoned professional model down to a two year old with the Easter Bunny. After all, isn’t it up to the photographer to get the best shots? Of course it is. If somebody’s just going to pose any old way they want, what do they need to pay a professional photographer for? They can snap a selfie for free.

Secondly, Tab goes out of her way to distance herself from any ownership in the company by insisting that Dee is the sole owner. Which is why Tabetha runs the sites, the facebook, uploads the photos and does all of the online work. Every word.
No? Have a look at their FB.
In at least one spot, Tabetha posts under the Phoenix Effect account, identifying herself as Zoey Sweete.
And in at least one album, Tabetha speaks in the first person about her daughter, and her daughter’s photos in the album description.
I’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere that Tabetha DIDN’T do all the posting. I really have to wonder if Dee does anything in that company except show up with a camera to photograph her half-naked sister flopping around on the couch. That does not a modeling company make.

But, if it really is Dee’s dream to become a professional photographer, I say go for it. But she should do it without the swindling fingers of Tabetha Jones in her pocket. Instead, she should do the real work it takes to become a professional within the industry. She should take photography classes and learn about composition, lighting, the proper equipment and everything else it takes to be the real deal. And she needs to learn about posing. REAL, professional poses, not the shtick they don’t even do in sears catalogs anymore. I don’t say that to be cruel. I say that as an encouragement for her to put in the work and preparation it takes to be a real professional in the industry, if that’s really what she wants to do. If all she’s got going for her right now is her sister blowing smoke up her ass and telling her that she’s better than she is in order to get her to front a company for her, she needs to step away. The last thing anybody needs is to get caught up in one of Tabetha’s bogus companies.

I said I’d get back to why this company is as illegal as Tabetha’s other company. It’s simple. A sole proprietorship cannot have employees. Not an assistant, manager, stylist or anything else. If it does, it needs to file the proper taxation paperwork, and I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that Tab has convinced Dee that it’s not necessary, so she hasn’t. That’s tax fraud, and if the company gets investigated for it (and something tells me it will), it’ll be Dee that takes the fall for it. The company’s in her name, not Tabetha’s.

This isn’t the first time Tabetha’s used a family name in business, is it? Starting with the fact that her bogus publishing company is under her birth mother’s name, not her own. Why? To evade taxes? And let’s not forget Cindy Carlo’s involvement in Zephyr (however they spelled it) and Mystic Press, clusterfuck that it was. Seems Tab has this habit of setting the people in her family up to throw under the bus when the shit hits the fan. And in this case, she’s got a family member willing to put the whole company under her name so that she herself can walk away squeaky clean.

My advice to Dee is this: RUN. If Tabetha Jones is anywhere near a company, it’s bound to be crooked.

Shut her up

This blog has gone on for quite a long time. I’m delighted that I’ve been able to provide support for victims of Tabetha’s scams, and I’m happy to provide what information I can to authors, editors, artists, models and anybody else that stands to fall victim.

Throughout the course of this blog, enough information has been revealed that she could easily be brought to justice for her illegal activities. There’s been first hand proof of piracy and tax fraud. All it would take is for those with first hand knowledge of these events to drop that dime and turn her in. But THEY have to do it. As a third party, I can only provide the information her victims can use to make that happen. It’s the victims that have to turn her in. And some are. A few brave souls are willing to print out the forms, fill them out and mail them in. They’re willing to make the phone calls and send the emails necessary to make the proper authorities aware of Tabetha’s illegal activities. I salute you for your courage.

Unfortunately, there are also too many that don’t. Either they’re counting on somebody else to do it or just can’t be bothered. They need to empower themselves and stand up to her once and for all.

I can understand how it’s embarrassing to admit that they’ve been duped, or the desire to simply put it behind them. Maybe they think too much time has gone by. I can even understand how a victim might not think that the authorities will believe them. They might even feel guilty about turning her in, for the sake of her daughter. Don’t. She didn’t feel guilty about scamming you. And if she’s the sort of mother that would withhold medical care from a child for months, even up to a year, that child would probably be better served in the care of adults that take her care more seriously.

The simple fact is that Tabetha will not stop. Period. As long as she’s allowed to continue, she’ll keep right on scamming people, ripping off money from authors, cheating models, artists, editors and any family members she can talk into owning businesses for her. She’ll keep right on taking advantage of every single person she can, and gloating smugly about it. And why shouldn’t she? From where she sits, she’s getting away with it.

She’s gotten away with it for too long. It’s true that she’s being investigated already, but if you’re a victim, past or present, you NEED to report her so that your information can be investigated, too. In some cases, scam investigations are quantitative. That means that the bigger the scam, the greater the consequences. Add your information to what’s already being investigated and speed her journey to the legal consequences she’s got coming. The faster she’s dealt with, the fewer the victims she can rack up.

Personally, it turns my stomach when I see her come on here and prance and preen, gloating and mocking each and every one of you with her bragging. If I could, I’d put a stop to it myself, this very minute. But all I can do is give you the links. It’s up to you to use them. I hope you do.

Report her to the FBI for piracy.
Report her to the IRS for tax evasion.
Report her to the TX Attorney General.
Report her to her local DA for scam and theft.
Report her to the Texas Rangers for fraud.

Once and for all, SHUT HER UP.

Third party selling

Recently, former Mystic Press and Phoenix Fire authors have found copies of their books for sale on, ebay and other sources even though they’ve severed ties with Tabetha Jones. When confronted about it, Phoenix Fire Publishing owner Tabetha insists that third parties have access to the Ingram catalog, and that they’re the ones selling it. She’s not getting any money from those sales, she insists, so she therefore owes no money to the authors.
I just got off the phone with Ingram, and they assure me that nobody but the publisher can access my book through Ingram and sell it. Nobody. Period.
You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s their customer support number:

Tabetha has also insisted that people should contact Amazon to ask THEM about their selling policies.
So I did that, too. What I found out is that if somebody has a copy of a book, they can list it. For example, if someone is given a copy of the book and they want to sell it, they can list it, making sure to put it in the proper condition category. New, like new, used, etc. So, of course, used books are allowed. That leaves a lot of leeway for sneaky, subversive sales to happen, and the author isn’t always aware of it.

There’s good news, though. If you’re an author that wants to eliminate the possibility of anybody besides yourself from selling your books, you can contact Amazon, and they will work with you to make sure you’re the only on that can sell your book. That way, no matter how slippery a former publisher is, you can make sure you’re the only one that can sell your book. No more “mysterious” third party sales that you don’t get paid for.
Here’s that number:
1 (888) 280-3321
When they answer, ask to be put through to seller support. They’ll take your information and let you know what you have to do to make sure you’re the only one that can sell your book. No former publishers, and no third party booksellers.

Have fun, kids.


Lately, authors have been finding their books for sale through retailers like Wordery and different Ebay stores like Buy, unbeatablesales and Grandeagle, to name a few.

When asked about how these books are getting into the hands of these retailers, Tabetha blames Ingram for it, saying that the retailers are getting the books from Ingram, not from her. She’s innocent, she claims, and isn’t receiving any money for them.


That money’s going SOMEWHERE, isn’t it? Whether those books are being obtained from Ingram or Amazon/Createspace, money’s changing hands. And one thing’s for sure: it’s not going to the authors. We could spend eternity chasing down each and every little shop, demanding that each stops selling former Phoenix Fire work, and we’d never catch up. Maybe she’s counting on that.

Let’s make it easy. Authors, contact both Ingram and Createspace and demand that your work (including anthologies) stop being made available. That way, no shops can obtain or sell your titles anymore, and Tabetha can’t put any more of your money in her pocket.  Cut the piracy off at the source. And don’t fool yourself. That’s exactly what it is: Piracy. If you’re not getting paid for the sales of your work, you’re a victim of piracy. That’s a Federal crime under section  17 U.S.C. § 506(a) and  18 U.S.C. § 2319 of the US code. Take a moment to read through those sections. You might find that it exactly describes what’s been going on. Having your work sold without your legal consent isn’t some little civil matter between you, Tabetha and Createspace. It’s a Federal offense.

And don’t worry about being bound by any contract, whether it’s for your own title or work contributed to an anthology. Tabetha will tell you that you’re contractually bound to allow your work to continue to be sold in anthologies, but it’s not true.
First, PF contracts aren’t legal. This has been confirmed by more than one business and contract lawyer. Not like Tabetha’s assertions that her nonexistent lawyer’s assertion that they are legal. It’s very simple. Her company isn’t legal and neither are her contracts. You are not bound by them.
Second, Let me ask you this: did you sign a contract for each anthology? Did you sign any contract that stipulates specifically that each contribution to each anthology can continue to be sold even after you leave the company? Did you sign a contract that says she can keep getting paid for your work without giving you a dime?
Then guess what. You aren’t bound to allow her to keep ripping you off.

Stop letting a thief put your money in her pocket. Here are the contact details for both Ingram and Createspace. Get in touch and demand that your titles stop being made available for payment to Phoenix Fire publishing, Tabetha Jones or anybody else but you. Likewise, demand that your contributions to anthologies be removed under penalty of copyright infringement. Don’t let them or her just take your name off the title, either. Demand that your content be removed as well.

General Legal, Trademark & Patent Inquiries
office 615.213.5075

1 (888) 280-3321 (Consumer)

And, while you’re at it, report instances of piracy to the FBI. Don’t allow the Federal crime of piracy to be perpetrated.

It’s easy. It tells you how, step by step, on this page at

Stop being a victim. Stop the crime.

I wonder…

I wonder if the writers of the Underworld movies and books have any idea how similar Tabetha’s pathetic scribblings are to their fine work…?

If they don’t, something tells me they will soon.